220 Patti 143

220 patti 143 – Satta-Matka: If you too are thinking of gambling and betting on Diwali, read this news, else… Kalyan Satta-Matka Result: This time the police team is going to wreak havoc on people who love gambling and betting. On Diwali. is

Jagdalpur: Kalyan Satta-Matka Result: This time the police team is going to wreak havoc on sports enthusiasts during Diwali. Election-equipped police are in action mode against gamblers this Diwali night and have prepared plainclothes patrolling teams with their teams to nab those involved in gambling and betting in the city and surrounding areas. Ankh Diwali night awaits players who bet on the game in the name of tradition. Police are keeping an eye on possible areas for players in and outside the city.

220 Patti 143

220 Patti 143

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Kalyan Satta-Matka Result: According to sources, gambling takes place in Asan’s forest, Adwal surroundings, Nagarnar Road, Karakpal, Bilori, Kalipur, Balikonta Niwas, behind new bridge etc. However, this time the police have also prepared to teach the players a lesson.

Police patrolling teams have been scouring suspicious areas late into the night and struggling to nab the players. A district level team was formed to set up the pavilion. The patrolling teams of all these police stations have also been specially alerted. Police station officials have been ordered to take immediate action against gambling operations.

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220 Patti 143

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220 Patti 143

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Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) is an edible food and medicinal plant rich in polyphenols of ancient origin, including flavonols, anthocyanins, and tannins, with ellagitannins being the most abundant polyphenols. In recent decades, its consumption and scientific interest have increased due to its multiple beneficial effects. Pomegranate is a balustrade fruit, a large berry surrounded by a thick colored skin containing edible arils within the exocarp and mesocarp, from which pomegranate juice can be pressed. The seeds are used to obtain seed oil, which is rich in fatty acids. The inedible part of the fruit, the peel, although usually disposed of as waste or turned into compost or biogas, is also used to extract bioactive products. This review summarizes some recent preclinical and clinical studies on pomegranate, which highlight promising beneficial effects in several areas. Although more knowledge is needed on key aspects, including limited oral bioavailability and the role of potential active metabolites, the continued development of appropriate encapsulation and green extraction techniques that allow the evaluation of pomegranate waste products point to the great potential of pomegranate and its bioactive constituents. . .As dietary supplements or adjuvants in cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular disease therapy.

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a fruit-bearing shrub belonging to the Punicaceae family, which is of increasing interest worldwide in terms of cultural, traditional and therapeutic uses; It is known as the fruit of Eden due to its delicious taste and beneficial health properties [1, 2, 3]. The plant is native to Iran and Afghanistan and today its cultivation has extended to Africa, America, the Middle East, Australia and Europe and is consumed as a fresh fruit or drink after being processed into juice, jam, oil or infusion. 4, 5].

Pomegranate is a balustrade fruit, a large berry surrounded by a thick colored skin that is composed of an exocarp and a mesocarp. The white mesocarp forms chambers (loculi) containing edible arils with seeds inside. From the red arils, which represent 45-52% of the total weight of the fruit, pomegranate juice (PJ) can be produced. The seeds represent 12-20% of the fruit and are used to obtain seed oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Finally, the inedible part of the fruit is the peel (40-55%), which is usually considered waste and is removed or taken to a compost or biogas production plant. However, pomegranate peel has recently gained interest for the extraction of bioactive compounds. In fact, in recent years, numerous techniques have been put in place to utilize pomegranate peels or seeds and extract their active ingredients [6, 7].

220 Patti 143

The composition of pomegranate phytochemicals depends

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