Baccarat 4 Elements

Baccarat 4 Elements – Box 4 pcs. 4 cocktails served at New York’s Baccarat Hotel, inspired by the four elements that make up the legendary Baccarat crystal.

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Baccarat 4 Elements

Baccarat 4 Elements

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Baccarat (バカラ)のロックグラス 「ピカデリー」 has entered ♪|2023年07月21日|リシューション

Baccarat is one of France’s oldest and most established glass factories still in operation today.

As well as producing exquisite showpieces for display, Baccarat also produced glassware for a wider market. In the early 20th century, owning a set of Baccarat crystal glasses was a symbol of wealth and refined taste.

Baccarat’s strong showing at the great fairs of the 19th century won its fans and customers as far away as Ottoman Turkey, Portugal, Japan and India.

One of Baccarat’s great successes in the late 19th century was furnishing the Dolmbahçe Palace, the Ottoman Sultan’s residence in Istanbul.

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Several monumental Baccarat crystal chandeliers were built for the palace, including the famous chandelier pictured above that hangs over the so-called “Blur Staircase” at the palace’s entrance. The stair railings are also made of baccarat crystal.

In the 1880s, Baccarat opened a new showroom in Bombay, reflecting the growing demand for its work in Asia.

Contact with the rest of the world also influenced Baccarat’s own designs, and he began to incorporate elements of Chinese, Japanese and Islamic art into his work.

Baccarat 4 Elements

Production at Baccarat continued into the 20th century, and the factory opened new showrooms in America. In the 1990s, Baccarat began producing jewelery and perfumes as well as glass. Today, it continues to operate as a luxury glass manufacturer.

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