Baccarat Bordeaux

Baccarat Bordeaux – Baccarat glasses with legs in clear crystal, exemplary perfection. Includes 12 water glasses, 12 Bordeaux glasses, 12 white wine glasses and 12 flutes. Brand new, original boxed.

Baccarat. Crystal Service Set Includes: 12 Flutes, 12 White Wine glasses, 10 Water glasses, 8 Red Wine glasses (Chips)

Baccarat Bordeaux

Baccarat Bordeaux

A set of crystal glasses such as Harcourt de Baccarat, with 9 flutes and 12 port glasses.

Baccarat Oenologie Glass Set

Baccarat France Crystal Glassware Set includes 34 pieces including 12 water glasses, 10 wine glasses and 12 beer glasses. It’s a decanter.

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Baccarat Dining & Entertaining

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