Baccarat Eglantier

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Baccarat Eglantier

Baccarat Eglantier

Very good, no chips or cracks, clean and clear. We can say that it is as close to an antique as an antique over 100 years old can be.

Antique Baccarat Val St. Lambert Eglantier Bottle Cameo Glass Acid Cut 1900’s 63

A rare Art Nouveau Baccarat Eglantier Viliot style perfume bottle from c1910. An original face-cut stopper, the bottle has a beautifully shaped fern leaf background with a purple overlay of flowers and leaves. Shaving dust

The Eglantier style was referenced in the Baccarat books of 1903-1904 & 1916 and was a very high limit.

This type of perfume bottle is called a flacon stilligoutte, or dropper bottle, for dispensing drops of perfume onto cotton balls or handkerchiefs.

Since the 1860s, Baccarat has been marking circular paper with its logo which, as you can imagine, has been washed and scratched over the years. It wasn’t until 1936 that Baccarat replaced the traditional paper symbols with their permanent symbols.

Unusual Antique Baccarat Eglantier Cranberry & Uranium Bottle

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