Baccarat Eye Vase Round

Baccarat Eye Vase Round – With a subtle play of contrast, the black Eye vase is the perfect piece to display the most beautiful bouquets in any interior style.

Sophisticated, seductive and bold, “Reflections” brings a touch of modernity to any contemporary interior and pairs perfectly with clear crystal. The perfect pair for a perfect interior.

Baccarat Eye Vase Round

Baccarat Eye Vase Round

You can buy Baccarat crystal vases, glasses and sculptures on the MANDARIN MAISON website with delivery in Ukraine or pick up your order in our store: Mandarin Plaza Mall 5th floor, Kiev.

Baccarat Crystal Home Décor

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The Baccarat company is one of the oldest and most established glass factories in France and is still in business today.

As well as producing spectacular showpieces for exhibitions, Baccarat also produces glass products for the wider market. Until the beginning of the 20th century, owning a set of Baccarat crystal glasses was a symbol of wealth and refined taste.

Baccarat’s strong showings at the great exhibitions of the 19th century would earn it admirers and customers from further afield, including Ottoman Turkey, Portugal, Japan and India.

Eye Vase Oval Clear M 240

One of Baccarat’s great successes at the end of the 19th century was the furnishing of the Dolmbahçe Palace, the residence of the Ottoman Sultan in Istanbul.

Several monumental Baccarat crystal chandeliers were built for the palace, including the famous one that hangs above the so-called “Crystal Staircase” in the palace’s entrance, pictured above. The stair balustrades are also made of Baccarat crystal.

In 1880, Baccarat opened a new showroom in Bombay, reflecting the growing demand in Asia for his work.

Baccarat Eye Vase Round

Coming into contact with the rest of the world also influenced the Baccarat company’s own designs, and it began to incorporate elements drawn from Chinese, Japanese and Islamic art into its work.

Eye Vase Rectangular L

Production at Baccarat continued into the 20th century, and the factory opened new showrooms in America. In the 1990s, Baccarat began producing jewelery and perfumes as well as glass. Today, it continues to operate as a luxury glass manufacturer.

This is a special program with privileges for regular customers of MANDARIN MAISON. Club members get discounts of up to -15% depending on the brand. For detailed information, call 068 765 12 12.

– Cash on delivery at a store in Kiev (6 Bassenaya St. | Mandarin Plaza shopping center, 5th floor)

– Payment for details (you can pay immediately after placing an order on the site (details will be indicated on the order page). Mention your order number in the payment comments. Introducing Baccarat Eye Vse Round M, the ultimate embodiment of elegance and precision This vase is designed with attention to detail and exudes timeless sophistication.

Baccarat Eye Vse Round M

The circular silhouette adds graceful charm to your floral arrangements and creates a fascinating centerpiece. Versatile and captivating, it seamlessly complements a range of interior styles and enhances any space with its refined presence.

With its premium crystal construction, the Baccarat Eye Vse Round M reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence. The luster and clarity of the crystal further enhances the beauty of the flowers it holds, creating an enchanting display.

Surrender to the charm of this masterpiece, an essential addition for collectors and connoisseurs of fine decor. A true statement of sophistication, it showcases Baccarat’s heritage of exceptional craftsmanship.

Baccarat Eye Vase Round

This vase seamlessly transitions from a classic to a modern setting, blending art and function in a harmonious way. Adorn a modern dining table or adorn an elegant fireplace with this extraordinary creation and experience the transformative power it brings to your interior.

Baccarat Round Eye Vase, Small

Baccarat Eye Vse Round M is the embodiment of refined beauty and timeless elegance, a symbol of a luxurious lifestyle. Elevate your living space with its captivating appeal, celebrating the intersection of art and design.

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