Baccarat Milano

Baccarat Milano – At the latest edition of the Salone Del Mobile, Mayon Bachcarat opened its first space in Italy in the courtyard of a historic building, on page 23 in Monte Napoleone. You can relax after a shopping session in the fashion district, but at the same time, among the bright colors of the pop-style armchairs and the frescoes by the Parisian artist, you differentiate yourself.

,                                           | The result is an unmistakable style that combines modern shapes

Baccarat Milano

Baccarat Milano

Open from 10.00 to 19.00, the new bar aims to accompany customers from breakfast at the counter to lunch – and a menu that offers detox options – upstairs, from the aperitif, where you can choose from an interesting selection of cocktails. from the name of the glasses that serve them. THE

Salone Del Mobile Milano 2011 Euroluce Baccarat Highlights

The boutique has a wide selection of the maison’s various collections. The goal is to make crystal an object of everyday use.

, Guest of the opening night of the BBar. With an air of Mick Jagger, the new protagonist of the Maison’s latest advertising campaign signals the brand’s desire to conquer the new generations with its original and innovative appeal.

The crystal thus becomes a symbol of a renewed lifestyle and an object of cult of desire. Now it is necessary not only to see the items displayed in the store, but also to touch them. You will surely be amazed by their timeless elegance.

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Baccarat Milano

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