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Located on the second floor of the Baccarat House and Museum, the Cristal Baccarat Room has a lot to offer. The restaurant, with its extremely modern decor, signed by interior designer Jacques Grange, reveals the kitchen of chef Mathieu Mécheri, who, thanks to his refined, delicious and creative menu, knows how to Perfect for stimulating our taste buds.

Baccarat Museum

Baccarat Museum

Cristal Room Baccarat, which has a new look in 2017, has something about it that captivates you. Located in a sumptuous former mansion in the capital’s 16th arrondissement, the establishment is now run by the Ludéric group (Mini Palais in the Grand Palais, Ralph’s on Avenue Saint-Germain, Café des concerts in La Villette or Champeaux in Les Halles).

Baccarat Crystal Museum

To give Cristal Room Baccarat a new look, Ludéric gave the place a new image, starting with the new decoration. Philippe Starck’s decorations are no longer available, replaced by works by Jacques Grange. And it is a more modern and colorful environment that is now being showcased on the second floor of the building with the creation of a great bar. Chandeliers and luxurious Baccarat pieces are still displayed in the restaurant, such as on the ceiling, on the fireplace or on the tables.

As for the menu, the restaurant has abandoned the dishes of multi-star restaurateur Guy Martin to honor the cuisine of chef Mathieu Mécheri. Mathieu Mécheri, who collaborates with Chef Stéphane d’Aboville at Mini Palais, offers fresh, innovative, delicious dishes inspired by the history of the crystal factory in Cristal Room Baccarat.

We cannot hide that it was a very beautiful and delicious culinary experience that we had the opportunity to experience.

It all starts with an appetizer and especially one of the chef’s signature dishes; The delicious and surprising Mystery Eggs are enhanced with a silky soft wood mushroom sauce.

Hotel Victor Hugo Paris Kléber

The tasting continues with juicy and melty grilled devil slices with Colonna bacon, stuffed concciglionis and basil pista. Great food with a real Mediterranean flavor that tempted my taste buds.

For female customers, the highlight of this menu is the pearl cod with vegetables in chorizo ​​broth​​, mussel bites accompanied by a chicory duo with citrus fruits, or halibut cooked in meunière with celery mousseline with coconut milk.

Carnivores will delight in one of the restaurant’s standout dishes: perfectly cooked roast lamb and bulgur with dried fruit and harissa.

Baccarat Museum

Alternatively, discover the 300g veal cutlet with Roseval gratin or the crispy confit with half-cooked quadrangles with balsamic.

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Foodies that we are, we couldn’t resist exploring desserts, on the one hand, for cocoa addicts like me, the all-chocolate Cristal, based on praline chocolate in many forms (liquid, ice, powder…) , and on the other hand, soup with mirabelle plum liqueur from Lorraine!

With this change in style and menu, Cristal Room Baccarat has undeniably proven itself right in betting on cuisine that can satisfy discerning foodies and at a more reasonable price. So now there is no reason not to open the doors of this place that will please your eyes and taste buds!

Lunch from 12:00 to 15:00 (except Sunday and Monday) Dinner from 19:30 to 22:00 (except Sunday and Monday)

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Baccarat Museum

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Baccarat Hotel Sold

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File:paperweight By Cristallerie De Baccarat, France, C. 1850, Glass

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Baccarat Museum

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Baccarat Crystal Vase Around 1900. Engraved Decoration O…

Numéro 3 is the name of the elegant restaurant located in the Vallée de Chevreuse and celebrating the products of the Yvelines region, regularly discovered by Laurent Trochain, a chef with a passion for local products. It’s been 20 years since he and his wife moved into an old inn to treat us to “vi-gétale” and we’ll take you there…

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