Baccarat Pattern Analysis

Baccarat Pattern Analysis – Baccarat is a game steeped in superstition. The vast majority of players keep a close eye on the shoe’s history, either on paper or on screens that show every hand since the shoe was introduced. There are different ways to report this information. Companies that sell displays that display the history of shoes present it in different ways, according to the most popular methods of trying to identify patterns.

Before I go any further, let me make my usual comment about notation. When I talk about the exact ratio, I use capital letters. When talking about a player playing a game, I use lowercase letters. I invite the rest of the world to follow this convention to avoid confusion.

Baccarat Pattern Analysis

Baccarat Pattern Analysis

To the uninitiated I would say that all these attempts to predict the next hand are a waste of time. For all practical purposes, the odds are the same for all hands and past history is irrelevant. Before the perfectionists write to me, “Yes, I know, if you use a computer, the card counter can make computer-perfect decisions based on the layout of the rest of the cards, which rarely results in an advantage in some bets. . But that’s not what I’m talking about. I would say that trying to find a pattern in the player’s and banker’s past wins is as futile as predicting the next color of a roulette wheel (a fair wheel) based on past reds and blacks.

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Although I don’t personally play baccarat, I have marveled over the years at some of the tables at those shoe history shows. The Venetian staff was very helpful in helping me understand how to educate the rest of the world. So, after completing the acquaintance, let’s begin. Here is an image of a typical Venetian sign. There are different display components that I will cover separately.

This part above is called the “bead plate”. In the past, players could purchase a dice disc that had the player’s, banker’s, and tie’s winnings marked on the sides. Achievements are registered as follows:

The player starts from the top left corner and goes down. When it reaches the bottom row, it moves one column to the right and returns to the top row.

The next section in the above picture is called the highway. It basically tracks the winnings of the player and the banker. Ties and wins in doubles are also marked with slashes and dots. More precisely, a draw is indicated by a green line running through the winnings of the previous player or banker. A player’s pair is marked with a blue dot in the lower right corner of the played hand. A pair of bankers with a red dot in the upper left corner. For simplicity, in this example only the player and the banker won.

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Similar to the bead plate, the player starts at the top left corner and shows the player winning in blue and the banker winning in red. However, instead of a solid circle with a Chinese character in the middle, the highway only has blue and red circular outlines.

Unlike the bead board, the player in Big Road starts at the top of a new column with each change of player and banker. Note that the grid is six rows deep. If the player or banker wins seven or more in a row, the results move to the right, known as a dragon’s tail. In this example, this never happened, because there were no more than four consecutive wins by either side.

With the table below, it’s not so clear what’s going on, and this is where I started to need help. As mentioned earlier, baccarat players are very delusional. While the strategies they use to find patterns can be a complex topic, the underlying truth is that they like predictability and repeating patterns. For example, if the last 12 hands are BBBPPPPBBBPPP, I bet that everyone at the table will bet the banker on the next hand. See how three teams win. The Big Eye Boy chart is useful for determining how repetitive a shoe is. Red is a sign of repeating records, and blue is a sign of messy, “torn” shoes. It is important to note that in the Big Eye Boy table, blue and red are not associated with player and bank wins as in the previous two tables.

Baccarat Pattern Analysis

The first entry on the Big Eye Boy table is the hand after the first entry on the second column of the Big Road, so there is enough information to judge whether the pattern is developing or not. This is where the air starts to thin, so pay attention. Each entry in the Big Eye Boy table, as well as the two tables below, will refer to a specific entry in the Big Road. Each entry in Big Eye Boy is noted as follows:

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If the highway forms a dragon’s tail, for the purposes of the big-eyed boy as well as the little road and the cockroach pig, assume the highway is infinitely deep and ask yourself what would happen. That assumption.

Note that if the Big Road consisted entirely of x player wins and x bank wins, the big-eyed boy would be completely red.

To help with this section, I’ll explain each entry in the Big Eye Boy table below. I’ll paste the results into Excel so you can refer to the exact grid points I have in mind.

For example, the first entry displays cell A1 in the Big Eye Boy table. This corresponds to the same hand depicted in cell C1 of the Big Road table. Since C1 is the start of a new column, we check if the previous two columns are equal. If they are, we’ll color Big Eye Boy red for cell A1.

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The next table, at the bottom left of the display, is the small path. Little Road works like Big Eye Boy, except that it skips the bar to the left of Big Road’s current bar. To get enough information to proceed, one should wait for the Little Road entrance after the first entrance on the third lane of the highway. Little Road is written exactly like that.

The small path in the image of the sign was too large to fit the grid, so the first four columns were dropped. They will be BBRRBR.

The next table, in the lower right corner of the display, is “Cockroach Pig”. The cockroach works the same way as the minor road, except that it skips two lanes to the left of the current lane of the highway. To get enough information to proceed, the cockroach must wait for the pig to enter after the first entry in the fourth column of the highway. This is how the cockroach pig has been recorded.

Baccarat Pattern Analysis

Finally, the image above shows the top right part of the scene. The left side shows the overall statistics of the shoe, how many times each bet won. This is not a very realistic example, as I only show player and bank wins for the example. Big Eyes Boy, Little Road and Cockroach show what happens to Pig depending on whether the player on the right or the banker wins the next hand.

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Thanks to the friendly and responsive staff at the Venetian for answering my many questions on this topic and allowing me to photograph their sign. Baccarat, also known as punto banco, is one of the most popular casino games around the world, especially among high rollers and Asian players. Baccarat is extremely prominent in Macau casinos. The name “Baccarat” means “zero” in Old French/Italian dialects, because all ten and face cards have a value of 0. The aim of the game is to predict which side will score more points at the end of the game. . Game Round, Player or Banker. A player can place a tie bet which wins if both sides have the same score at the end of a game round. Scoring in Baccarat is very simple, the card values ​​are added up to get the hand score, and if the hand score is ten or more, only the last number is counted, which is the highest possible score of nine. For example, seven and five would count as two instead of twelve. Baccarat is a relatively simple card matching game that does not take much time for a beginner to start playing.

Many gamblers are superstitious and believe that they have a better chance of predicting the next outcome when they look at the past.

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