Baccarat Strasbourg

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Each fare is the lowest adult economy fare available on the train to our customers. Prices may be cheaper if booked before certain dates. Prices are updated daily and are subject to change to reflect new prices. Availability is limited. Prices excluding discount card and coach travel discount, booking fees.

Baccarat Strasbourg

Baccarat Strasbourg

Baccarat to Strasbourg by Train in 1 Hour 46 Minutes If you want to travel by train from Baccarat to Strasbourg, you’ve come to the right place. You can expect to travel from Baccarat to Strasbourg in 3 hours 20 minutes by train. If you want to get there faster, fast services can take 1 hour 46 minutes. You’ll typically see up to 24 trains a day on this route that covers a distance of 46 miles (74 km). On the way to Strasbourg you will have to make 1 change. Both TGV and SNCF trains operate on this route, offering modern services with plenty of luggage room as usual. Use our travel guide at the top of the page to find the cheapest ticket prices and we’ll show you how much you can save. Tickets from Baccarat to Strasbourg start from €24.30 when you book in advance. If you want to know more about travel, read timetables, tips for finding cheap tickets and frequently asked questions, including train times before and after. Want to go to storage right away? Start searching with us today!

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It takes an average of 3h 20m to travel from Baccarat to Strasbourg by train over a distance of 46 miles (74 km). There are usually 24 trains per day traveling from Baccarat to Strasbourg and tickets for this journey start from €24.30 when you book in advance.

Check out the next train departures from Baccarat to Strasbourg on Tuesday, 6 February 2024. For the full schedule/schedule or to search for a time or date, click here.

You can travel from Baccarat to Strasbourg by TGV, TER and SNCF trains. When searching for times and tickets, we may also show you other options if there are additional connections or users.

TGV is a high-speed train service of SNCF. It connects major French cities at speeds of up to 200 mph (320 km/h). All TGV trains have dining carriages, free WiFi, power sockets and folding tables. Two types of comfort are offered – First Class and Second Class, with comfortable fares and access to the spacious Voyager Lounge at some stations.

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The TER train (Transport Express Regional) is a regional service provided by SNCF that allows you to travel between towns and cities within the same region. With 20 regions in France, TER trains are ideal for destinations not served by high-speed services, although ticket prices vary between regions. TER trains have space for bicycles and allow animals on the journey. All TER trains include first class carriages.

SNCF is the national railway of France. It operates all national trains and routes through France, as well as international services to Spain and Germany. There are three types of domestic trains operating under the SNCF – TGV (high-speed, full-service trains connecting France’s major cities), Intercités (generally stopping services, but with everything), and TER (train services with regional railways and basic shipping facilities).

In second class, the TGV INOUI allows you to travel in comfort while enjoying ground services such as free Wi-Fi, power sockets and more.

Baccarat Strasbourg

Want to travel in style? Upgrade to First Class and enjoy all the benefits and extras of Second Class.

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Most TER trains do not have First Class or Second Class, so the services offered on board are the same for all passengers. Please note that TER trains do not have WiFi at this time.

On TGV INOUI services, your luggage doesn’t weigh much – you can be on your way! However, remember that your suitcases, overnight bags and rucksacks cannot exceed 130 x 90 cm and you must carry them and store them in your own luggage. All goods must be marked before storage.

All TGV INOUI trains have a café-bar car that offers a variety of food and drinks at any time of the day. The bar is always available in cars 4 or 14 of the train. Here is a list of products from the region and responsible for serving your needs.

TGV INOUI trains have free WiFi to use throughout your journey, allowing you to stay connected, reply to emails or simply enjoy the TGV INOUI entertainment platform.

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Children under 12 can get a discount ticket on the TGV INOUI train. Children under 4 years travel free when traveling on your lap.

If you have a double bike, you can carry it on the train as hand luggage as long as it does not exceed 130 cm x 90 cm when folded. Or, if you can dismantle your bicycle, you can carry it in a cover or box no larger than 130 x 90 cm. Travel with a bike that won’t get lost or destroyed – when you need to store your bike on the train. You buy your ticket. Bicycle tickets are €10 per bicycle, per journey.

Small animals are allowed on TGV INOUI trains as long as they weigh less than 10 kg. They must travel in a carrier not exceeding 45 x 30 x 25 cm. Tickets for small animals cost €7. Large dogs can also travel on TGV INOUI services, as long as they are muzzled and on a lead. Tickets for large dogs cost €20. Dogs travel free on all SNCF trains, walking and assisting.

Baccarat Strasbourg

Disabled passengers or those with reduced mobility can request assistance using ‘Accès Plus’. With this service, a member of staff meets you at the station and helps you to your seat on the train. For assistance, contact Acès Plus after booking your tickets (and no later than 48 hours before the departure of your train).

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There is no limit on the amount of luggage you can take on a TER train, so you can travel. However, you can carry any luggage you bring unaided and it must fit into the special storage space on the train.

TER trains do not have catering facilities, so be sure to grab some food at the station before you depart!

All children under 12 receive a 50% discount on TER ticket prices – simply enter your child’s age when searching for your journey and the discount will be applied automatically. Children below 4 years of age can travel for free if they sit on the lap during the journey.

On the TER train, you can take your bike for free. You can hang it or store it in a designated area of ​​the bike. Each train has a limited number of seats – first come first served and cannot be reserved.

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Animals weighing less than 6 kg must travel in a suitable carrier (no larger than 45 x 30 x 25 cm) stored at your feet or on your lap. Tickets for small animals cost €7. Pets over 6 pounds must be muzzled and on a leash at all times. Large animal tickets are 50% of the price of a second class ticket. Up to 2 pets or 2 passengers are allowed per passenger. Guiding and assisting dogs travel free on all SNCF trains.

If you are disabled or have limited mobility, you can book special assistance using ‘Accès TER’. Someone can meet you at the station and take you to the train or TER bus so you can get around easily.

A train ticket from Baccarat to Strasbourg starts at €24.30 for a Standard Class ticket if you book in advance. Day registrations are generally more expensive and prices may vary depending on the day, route or course.

Baccarat Strasbourg

Most train companies across Europe issue tickets three to six months in advance, many of which are cheaper in advance. If you know the dates you want to travel, you can find the cheapest train tickets from Baccarat to Strasbourg by booking in advance.

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Many train services in Europe are also popular for passenger services, with many train companies increasing ticket prices during “peak hours” (typically 06:00 – 10:00 and 15:00 – 19:00 on weekdays). If you can, consider traveling outside of peak hours

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