Bet365 Contact Number Stoke On Trent

Bet365 Contact Number Stoke On Trent – Starting my recruiting career almost 5 years ago, I never thought I would have such a love for the tech world, attached to my gray Game Boy Classic and a self-proclaimed Crash Bandicoot connoisseur. So when I was offered the opportunity to combine my love of technology, recruitment and sport and join the Talent Acquisition team at bet365, I jumped at the chance to join, literally!

The start of my career at bet365 was definitely not what I expected it to be, due to the Covid-19 lockdown that came into effect the next day, I didn’t have much time in the office, however I managed to be managed. My first day at Team Nandos lunch, off to a great start! My concern at the time of the announcement was how would a business of over 4,600 people adapt so quickly? How will I be incorporated and involved? Do I have to wait until the pandemic is over to step into my role?

Bet365 Contact Number Stoke On Trent

Bet365 Contact Number Stoke On Trent

Well the answer was no, in fact the recruitment team has been busier than ever! I continued recruiting as usual. Moving to a fully remote interview process and remote onboarding of new hires, ensuring all employees have the tools they need to work from home. Thanks to the IT services teams, thanks to their quick response and commitment behind the scenes, business was able to continue as usual and we were able to make several successful hires as a result.

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After it was announced that we promised to guarantee the wages of the existing workforce and no layoffs for the next five months, then I found out that I had joined a company that is a company that truly values ​​its employees, and I was ready to receive and more. I am stuck!

Well, there were lots of Skype calls, Zoom meetings, and it was nice to meet you! But everything went 99.9% smoothly from my first day working from home, from setting up the devices, to getting to know the business, including the different teams and their roles. The team and hiring manager were always there when I needed something or had questions, which were and still are a lot!

Building strong relationships with hiring managers is vital to my role so I would say not being able to spend time with them has been debilitating over the last few months but as we slowly get back to Manchester and Stoke. Offices, that’s what I’m looking forward too! However, continuing to communicate regularly over the past few months has already given me the foundation to build on these relationships.

Getting to know and see how we work from the inside was such an interesting learning experience. The team ethic and morale of every person I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with is so positive and driven, it’s truly contagious! Having the opportunity to have regular update meetings with the Head of Systems Development (Manchester) exceeded all my expectations, you can really see how much each individual has contributed to the development of our technology functions and this recruitment. How much is invested in character development? Talent plays.

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Now I can finally Facebook the hiring managers, use the Costa coffee machine on site and finally sit down with my team (within 2 meters distance of course)! The steps the company has taken to make me feel safe when I return to the office are fantastic, we have hand sanitizing stations at every location, temperature checks upon entering the building, a one-way system (however, for someone still getting used to the look, I find myself doing multiple laps of the building to get out!), office partitions and desks are constantly cleaned by our dedicated cleaners and every Make sure to clean the item.

Overall my first 3 months were great, the whole team made me feel very welcome! He even sent me the biggest box of chocolates for my isolation birthday! I look forward to a long and exciting career at bet365…

If you are interested in seeing what career opportunities we have, please visit our careers website or feel free to contact or contact or the recruitment team Dan Myatt, Alicia De Burgh, Ryan Millward, Steph Brennan. At the end of August, no one will lose pay, there will be no job cuts, and no employees will be laid off.

Bet365 Contact Number Stoke On Trent

Gambling giant bet365 has announced multi-million pound support for its 4,000-strong workforce – to ensure staff are no worse off financially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Where Is Bet365 Head Office

Etruria has exclusively revealed that all 4,389 employees will receive a guaranteed income for at least the next five months – to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

The bookies – which are owned by The Coates family – have also pledged that there will be no job cuts and redundancies until the end of August.

A bet365 spokesperson said: “In times of uncertainty, it was important to reassure people of our commitment to them and the wider community.

“They have been instrumental in our success and will continue to be so in these troubled times and beyond when normalcy inevitably returns.”

Bet365 India Office

Peter Coates – who co-founded bet365 – made no secret of the fact that both bet365 and Stoke City FC are facing “very difficult times” following the evaporation and inevitable side effects of sporting events. Online betting business.

In a recent interview with the Daily Star, he said: “It will have a huge impact on the whole sector because there are very few markets. We are going through very difficult times.

“Relying on sports the way we do – it’s become virtually non-existent. There are so many unknowns and we just don’t know how the trading patterns will change.”

Bet365 Contact Number Stoke On Trent

Operating profit also rose 12% to £767.1m, compared to £682.2m in 2017/18.

Bet365 Boss Denise Coates Takes Home £468m In One Year

And away from the coronavirus, bet365 looks set for another record year after signing a five-year lease for 25,000 sq ft of office space in Manchester city centre.

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The A50 ‘Hamburger’ junction is planned to help traffic flow on 14 miles of the busy A50 route. The proposal changes the McDonald’s roundabout on the A50 to allow traffic to go straight onto the main road.

Plans for a Smithfield multi-storey income-generating development have been unveiled as the council also revealed parking on Lower Huntbach Street was “excessive”.

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Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service LIVE: Firefighters are at the scene in Derby Street, Lake, after two engines landed in Lake town center at the ongoing incident.

Live news and gossip from bet365 Stadium as Stoke City head into the final days of the January window.

Weather warnings are in place across the UK as Storm Isha is set to cause disruption across the UK

Bet365 Contact Number Stoke On Trent

Some neighbors are against turning a three-bedroom family home in Longton into a care home for two children.

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The proposals could see the McDonald’s roundabout on the A50 rerouted to allow traffic to go straight onto the main road.

Stoke City defender Junior Chamadio is with the Cameroon squad in Ivory Coast for the Africa Cup of Nations.

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