Bet365 Escanteios

Bet365 Escanteios – Bet365 is one of the largest bookmakers in the world. It has over 22 million subscribers and the largest coverage of events. The company has been operating in Brazil for several decades and is recognized all over the world.

➡️ Corner betting is a method that is growing a lot in online sports betting, mainly using the bookmaker Bet365, which Brazilian players already know as a corner betting site, since Bet365 offers different types of bets in this market. For your customers.

Bet365 Escanteios

Bet365 Escanteios

If you still don’t know how to bet on corner kicks, check out our article where we explain each type of bet in detail and how to analyze the game before investing.

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Here we will explain a very interesting strategy that can help you bet on corners at Bet365 and increase your profits even further. If you have never bet on the corner, now you will learn one of the most profitable strategies on the market.

Let’s call this method “edge corner”. You will soon understand the reason why this method is named so and you will see that it is very simple.

The method we will demonstrate is live betting on corner kicks (or corner kicks, whichever you prefer) on the Asian corner kick market. To protect your investment, it is important that it is Asian. And what is this Asian corner? When you bet on the entire Asian corner, for example over 4, over 5, under 4 etc., your bet will be refunded if exactly that number of corners are scored.

➡️ this corner strategy at bet365 is called limit corner. Because we will be looking for the total number of corner kicks and always on the limit, i.e. we will take 1 more corner into the game.

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After several bets, we discovered certain criteria that we considered ideal for this type of bet. That’s why you won’t bet on every match that comes your way. To start with, it is very important that the game meets the following criteria:

And why do such criteria exist? Basically, the favorite, regardless of whether they are drawing or losing, will try to attack in the final stages of the match, increasing their chances of winning a corner. Another underdog goal could have an adverse impact on strategy, but if this happens and corners in the match are involved, we will work on budget management. Let’s see an example?

To explain this method to you, we found a game with the perfect scenario for this type of bet. Napoli x Empoli, 17th round of the Italian Championship. Napoli lost at home 1-0 and thus temporarily lost their lead in the competition, not to mention the fact that if the hosts beat Empoli, they would finish the round in second place. The situation was calm in the Empoli team, but maintaining the away victory was not an easy task, especially since they were weaker in this match.

Bet365 Escanteios

The game has met all the required criteria to place a bet using the Limit Corner method at bet365. In the 83rd minute, the corner bet scenario was perfect. We already had 7 goals for Napoli and 3 for Empoli (10 in total in the match), plus, of course, a lot of pressure from the hosts.

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However, at this time Duel still did not have the famous Asian betting limit on the website and it is normal that it sometimes takes some time to open. When the odds opened, there were already 2 corners in the match, so there were already 12 corners and the bet we want to place in this case is the limit, i.e. 13 Asian corners. But that was it, our bet on the Limit Corner method at bet365.

Please note that bets on over 13 Asian corners open at odds of 1.75. When the rates opened, Napoli was making a change, so it was worth waiting a while and taking the odds of 1.80.

One thing you can also do is create average probabilities. For example: For each Limit Corner bet you will use 1 unit from your bankroll. You can take half of the units and bet at odds of 1.80 and the other half at odds of 2.20. However, if something comes up in the meantime and you only bring half of the units to market, don’t come up with a fad, just throw away that half. That’s what we did in this match, because there were no corner kicks and we could calculate the average odds. We placed odds of 1.82 and then 2.20, which gave an average rate of over 2.00. I will be grateful to you in the long run.

And what do we need now? Since we took over 13 Asian corners, it takes 2 more corners in the match to win our bet. However, if only one more comes out, our bet will be refunded. We only lose the bet if there is not a single corner kick.

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Once the stakes were set, Napoli continued to press, but there were still no more corners. Let’s remember that even if there is a corner kick in favor of Empoli, it will also work, because with this method we are not betting on corner kicks of the team, but on corner kicks of the match. There is one more important thing about this game that we haven’t told you about yet…

➡️ There’s nothing like knowing or seeing what’s really happening during the match. It was obvious that the match would end well, as there were stoppages, VAR intervention and famous praise for the winning visiting team. Pumbaa! Extra 6 minutes. Knowing the match when using this method will put you ahead of the competition. It is not recommended to choose the game randomly.

“Napoli are under pressure and they don’t have a corner. Almost when the lights went out, the hosts took another corner kick. With that corner kick on 95 minutes, our bet wouldn’t have lost now.

Bet365 Escanteios

He would have deserved another corner, but betting is based on probabilities, not just what we think, right? Ultimately, in our example, our bet paid off because exactly 13 corner kicks were scored, as you can see in the image below. However, I think it has been well explained how this corner strategy at bet365, which we call the Limit Corner method, works.

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The corner strategy at Bet365 is simple and easy to follow, but it should be noted that not every game will be worth it. Starting with the investment criteria we suggest here, you’re already halfway there. And don’t forget about bankroll management.

Did you like this corner limit method? So don’t waste your time and sign up with Bet365, the home of Asia. Take advantage and claim a 100% welcome bonus up to R$200.00. ✅Asian Corner is undoubtedly the best marketplace of all Corner options for your sports trading because it is easy and efficient to use. You will understand why in this article, where I will try to explain everything you need to know to be successful with this method.

But before we start talking about the wonders of this market, let’s understand the difference between corner sofas and Asian corner sofas to clarify the issue once and for all and be sure that it is easier than you think (it’s not some 7-headed beast).

We operate this market on the bet365 platform, however you can use any platform you like or you already have an account on an open relevant market.

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In the traditional market, we have corners that are very easy to operate, with more than 10 corners (over 10 corners), less than 10 corners (less than 10 corners).

See at the top we have the corners/tabs menu, in the first column we have the number of corners, and in the next column we have the entry you want to enter: more, exactly or less.

If you place more than 10 and take exactly 10 corners in the game, you will get red. To be green, there must be “more than 10 turns”, meaning there must be 11 or more turns.

Bet365 Escanteios

Simple and very intuitive, there is no secret to this operation. Now let’s move on to the Asian corner and you will understand the difference between the two sports trading markets.

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In Asian corners, the number of corners is divided into solid and broken corners, i.e. 7…7, 5…8… Do you understand? To be clear, I’ll share a photo of the Bet365 screen so you can see what I’m talking about here.

There is an Asian Odds tab in the menu, although this market often appears in the corner, meaning it will always be in one or both menu tabs, however, it is worth noting that not all games open from the corner market.

The option is 7.5 and on the right side, as you can see, I have marked the number of corner kicks in the match, which in this case is 0 (none). If the game continues and there are no corners, this broken number (7, 5) will drop to 7 (an integer) and this is where the magic happens because in integers the house returns a value if it matches exactly. .

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