Bet365 Gr

Bet365 Gr – Online betting sites have shaped the history of the industry in recent decades, bet365. If there are two bookmakers that have made history in online betting, we would say bet365 between 2000-2010 and 2010-2020.

In today’s analysis we look at what makes bet365 special, how it dominates the entire global betting market and how it manages its legal operations in Greece. The website has been fully legal since the beginning of the transitional regime in our country, and has the necessary business license of the Greek state and control mechanisms abroad. At the same time, we will see how the bet365 product differs in Greece and all the reasons to like it.

Bet365 Gr

Bet365 Gr

Despite not doing much in terms of advertising, bet365 has a huge market share in China and has been serving Greek players continuously since its launch in 2011. Wish me luck. A period of uncertainty for the sector (2011-2014), it also did not survive the 2015 capital control crisis. Although it was one of the marketing sites that did not support Viva Wallet in the critical months after the capital controls, its strength in our country was so great that it lost very few players during this period and continued despite the difficulty of providing sports betting services.

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Despite all the peculiarities of our market, its sales product is super complete and does not differ from bet365 sales in the licensed markets in Europe and the world.

The perceived green page is unchanged from its inception and does not change over time, accepting only minor changes of an aesthetic nature. As Bet365’s manager says, “A recipe that works, a recipe that doesn’t change.”

After several years of experiencing some problems with the business license in the Greek market, mainly as a result of the problematic regulation in our country, not the fault of the bookmaker – bet365 has received the license for the betting stream in Malta. and now operates in the Greek market below, which is unique in this segment.

Bet365 is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (the famous and official MGA), which of course also operates legally in our country, working closely with the EEEP (Gaming Control and Supervision Commission) and relevant ministries. At this point we must remember that bet365 is one of the few bookmakers that is licensed to operate in highly licensed markets, thus showing its serious intentions for bettors around the world. We have listed it as a legal provider in the UK, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain and Romania. Recently, it has also entered the US market through key strategic partnerships with local business groups. The complexity of the US system and its very strict performance standards mean that bet365 spares no effort or expense in its plans to offer the widest range of services to every corner of the world.

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However, in order to operate in the Greek market, it takes the necessary steps that players want to see on their favorite bookmaking page. Commercial security protocols and certificates are provided by Twahte Security Certificates. Transparency and integrity of the platform and its algorithms with independent IBAS services. Gaming problems are managed together with gaming therapy, but for our country there is also the additional “helping hand” of the KETHEA line, officially recognized by the Greek state for drug addicts. Of course, this is all to be expected, as bet365’s main market is still the UK, where the UKGC is the strictest country in the world, requiring bookmakers to ensure the safety of their funds and the integrity of their bets. Games. Under this umbrella, players from all over the world can feel safe playing at bet365.

Fans and those who tried bet365 – before the market was legalized in 2011 – can see the similarities in the registration process and the total page traffic of each new customer. The truth is that this department is one of those that has never heard a complaint about how its various procedures are conducted. Over the years, the entire platform has been improved and “beautified” while becoming more functional. Today, it looks like we’re handling our sample sales page by filling out the steps on the signature form.

Everything is done in one step. bet365 has managed to distribute all the necessary information collected during the registration process in one step. It even asks for ID/passport number but without uploading the scanned document. Knowing the letter of the law in our country, it follows the tactics of the “babysitting” school, there is at least one basic personal element, which will be needed later in identifying the account (see the same section below).

Bet365 Gr

By quickly filling out the registration form – we repeat, it is provided in one step – you must accept the site’s terms and conditions. We encourage our friends to read these texts carefully, even if they are long and boring. Especially useful information is hidden there, as well as details on how to use various game tools, such as withdrawing cash, editing Bette, etc.

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There are two downsides to registering with Bet365. First, it might give you a bit of trouble – it’s hard to find the ‘Register’ button hidden at the top of the page. Especially if you haven’t registered for your first visit (a separate window will open), you should look for the corresponding link hidden on the right side of the screen. The second – more problematic – is the confirmation letter. An integral part of most websites in the world, the confirmation email is still an integral part of the registration process. At Bet365, unfortunately, like many other sites, this message ended up in the spam folder and we had a little trouble finding it. The problem is that if you don’t do this step correctly, the site system won’t allow you to make a deposit.

On the one hand, things are very strict when Bet365 operates in markets where it cooperates with the relevant regulatory authorities. According to Greek law, the customer account verification process must be completed within 30 days, which means you will receive the first email after completing registration, even if you have not made a deposit. A letter requesting verification of your account by sending relevant documents (ID, passport, public service, etc.). Make sure Bet365 is one of those sites that will immediately block your account if you don’t open it within 30 days. Of course, as long as the process is completed and you comply with Greek law, the bookmaker will respect whatever they want.

Although it was on the list of sites with problems related to the implementation of capital controls in 2015-2016, its course has now been confirmed to be fully recovered. After these difficult years, he signed an agreement with all the organizations that could handle the actions in Greece. In the table below you will find all deposit and withdrawal methods available for trading with bet365.

We could write for hours about the bet365 marketing product offering. As we said, this is about the site that defined the fate of betting for a decade, and we have no expectations for its Greek version. Greek law does not place specific restrictions on activities in sports and games (other than certain betting).

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We have listed 22 sports in the middle of the summer – they will multiply and have 30 and 35, and in other periods they will engage in more active activities. Of course, none of the popular sports are lacking for us, and of course, football, basketball, tennis and Formula 1 dominate. Recently we have seen the addition of eSports, which has become popular in betting. the world

But what makes bet365 so popular in the country, the difference is still high

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