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Bet365 India Linkedin – Bet365 is an online betting platform that has been making waves in India for the past few months. Users can bet on the results of various sporting events at Bet365. A large number of Indians use the Bet365 app to bet online on sports events. However, many doubt whether Bet365 is legal in India.

Accordingly, this special essay aims to answer all your questions about online betting platforms and their legal status in India.

Bet365 India Linkedin

Bet365 India Linkedin

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Cricket betting in India has been around for a long time. Despite the efforts of the authorities, it has not been possible to completely prevent it.

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On the other hand, online cricket betting is a relatively recent phenomenon in the country. The Indian Premier League (IPL)[1], the concluded season of the championship cricket league, has become a popular online betting event.

Surprisingly, IPL betting online channels increase tenfold as the tournament progresses. The popularity of earlier online betting platforms is to blame for the proliferation of platforms.

As the Cricket World Cup 2019 approaches, these platforms are expecting a higher number of users than the just concluded IPL 2019 season.

Betting is prohibited in India, but not strictly speaking. The ambiguity surrounding gambling in India stems from the fact that it is a state subject. States have complete autonomy in enacting their own gambling laws.

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Although there are no clear laws governing online betting in India, there are laws that can be used to regulate the practice.

Betting and gambling in public places are expressly prohibited by the Indian Intercourse Act, 1872 and the Public Gambling Act, 1867[2].

But the law, which dates back to the nineteenth century, does not include Internet betting as part of its prohibited activities.

Bet365 India Linkedin

On the other hand, the words “betting” or “gambling” are not mentioned anywhere in the text of the statute. This legislation therefore does not cover online betting sites such as Bet365 and Dream11.

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States have the right to create and regulate their own online betting laws. Only two Indian states have enacted legislation to this effect.

As for state laws, states like Maharashtra have banned online betting under the Bombay Wages Act.

On the other hand, online gaming has been legalized in the state of Sikkim. The scope of this authorization is strictly limited to the geographical boundaries of the country.

Surprisingly, Indian laws divide sports into two categories i.e. games of skill and games of chance or chance.

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Sports events in India are divided into two categories under Indian law. One is prohibited while the other is allowed to operate.

According to the law, events resulting from the application of the skills of the parties involved as stakeholders are not considered gambling.

Gambling is defined as any act in which the outcome of a party or parties can be determined solely by luck or chance. Gambling in this manner is prohibited by law.

Bet365 India Linkedin

However, whether a game is a game of skill or chance is still controversial, as games with comparable characteristics are classified differently.

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Horse riding and rummy are considered games of skill, while cricket and poker are games of chance and no betting is allowed.

The Law Commission of India’s proposal is the latest update on the legal authorities dealing with betting in India.

The commission has suggested that betting and gambling should be legalized in India. However, it is also recommended to do such activities in a controlled atmosphere.

Bet365 is not illegal in India as it is not available in the country. Bet365 and Dream11 servers are located in countries where sports betting is allowed.

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For example, an Indian who goes to England and bets on a sporting event is not breaking any laws. This is because sports betting is considered a legal activity in England.

If he is caught from the same country where betting on sporting events is banned, he will be prosecuted under anti-gambling laws.

Las Vegas, on the other hand, is just as legal under local government laws. As a result, the laws of the country in which they operate take precedence over the laws of India.

Bet365 India Linkedin

One wonders why the government cannot ban such transfers as Indians pay from India and in Indian currency despite the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

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Why can’t the Indian government ban these payments through Indian banks?

Indians find online betting a smooth experience due to the uncertainty of Indian laws and the smart techniques of online betting platform owners.

Earlier, betting platforms accepted debit and credit cards from Indian banks. However, they were banned after the authorities took action. As a result, many websites no longer accepted Indian credit cards.

The procedure for solving the dilemma involved the use of virtual currency. Betting with bank cards in India is illegal, but converting currency to virtual currency and betting with it is allowed.

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Virtual currency is the currency used to place bets on online betting sites and applications such as bet365, Betfair and others. This service is available through various virtual wallets.

Only a few wallets prohibit Indians from using virtual currency in gambling. A multi-layer transaction process solution was implemented to solve this problem. A virtual currency was exchanged for another virtual currency to make a bet.

It was also possible to bet online using cryptocurrency. However, after the government declared cryptocurrencies illegal in India, their use has declined sharply.

Bet365 India Linkedin

For many companies around the world, Bet365’s successful user retention was an extraordinary moment. Within a short period of time, Indian betting sites and Indian betting apps and a large number of foreign competitors entered the market.

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These companies quickly realized the potential of a country of (roughly) 1.35 billion people. The online betting sector in India is estimated to be worth $60 billion.

Due to the potential of the market, famous investors have put their money in such platforms. Celebrities were also paid a lot of money to represent these platforms. This is done to attract more people to use their platforms.

Online gambling in India is no longer limited to cricket or some sporting event; It now allows Indians to bet on anything and everything

The future of this sector is in the hands of Indian lawmakers. A strict ban on online gambling platforms could spell the end of the internet betting industry in India.

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Currently, many companies are launching to take advantage of the current gap. To facilitate the above, companies are sprouting up not only in online betting platforms but also in the virtual wallet sector.

We can safely conclude that Indian laws governing internet betting and gambling are vague and arbitrary in nature.

Online betting is currently neither permitted nor illegal in India. Indians may place online bets unless prohibited by law.

Bet365 India Linkedin

We hope you now get the answer to your question whether Bet365 is legal in India. Don’t forget to comment if you have any questions about this topic. It is with a heavy heart that Bet365 announces our immediate departure. We are immensely grateful to our Indian customers for their unwavering support over the years. We greatly appreciate your understanding during this transition.

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When one chapter ends, a new chapter begins. We are happy to refer you to 7cric, an online bookmaker that we wholeheartedly support. Dive into their extensive betting offerings, bet on casino games and sports, and enjoy the user-friendly interface of their mobile app.

This decision was not made lightly. At Bet365, the trust and support of our Indian customers is always our top priority. We are grateful for the experience and interaction we have gained with our customers over the years.

We understand the potential obstacles to making this decision and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Given the convergence of offers and values ​​between Bet365 and 7cric, we recommend 7cric as the right choice for our customers.

We are moving our services to 7cric, a platform recognized for its exceptional service and wide range of offers. 7cric is well positioned to be the leading betting site in India.

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Our decision to recommend 7cric is based on their alignment with our values ​​and their commitment to sports and casino betting. Their platform is designed to provide our customers with a familiar yet enhanced experience.

When we close our operations in India, we assure you that you will be switching to a trusted platform. We encourage you to embrace this new phase with the understanding that new beginnings often follow endings. It is with a heavy heart that Bet365 announces our immediate departure. We are immensely grateful to our Indian customers for their unwavering support over the years. We greatly appreciate your understanding during this transition.


Bet365 India Linkedin

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