Bet365 Interview Questions

Bet365 Interview Questions – Bet365 has a rating of 1.47 out of 36 stars, indicating that most customers are satisfied with their purchase. Reviewers who complain about Bet365 often mention customer service issues. bet365 ranked 7th among casino sites.

PPL THIS IS STUPID. After collecting many hands from IPOKER TERWORK player, we came to the conclusion that this is the worst poker software. If you win, they will use retreat tactics. Also, the table has a group of players, and often every player who joins the table appears to be the only player using the group account. Another interesting point is that the software is managed to generate more revenue, so it can be higher. If you play at IPOKER NETWORK, you will definitely lose your money. Peace!

Bet365 Interview Questions

Bet365 Interview Questions

I opened an account last weekend to bet on F1, make a deposit and deposit £10, this morning I got an email saying the account was closed “due to the nature of my work”. I can only imagine what it must be like to argue with him on a debate site. I contacted customer support, I thought it was a mistake and was told that the account was closed by the “business department” and they refused to refund my deposit, I need to contact support again, I g ‘win and otherwise lose money. Sorry, if I dispute and close my account without reason, you will cancel the dispute and refund my money as long as you are not breaking any rules or violating the ToS. I think the absolute joke of the company is that they will only keep your account open if they are guaranteed to lose your money – to save yourself the money and trouble, do not do business with this company.

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I’ve been using this site for a while now and I’ve had a few problems. I ask customer service and when I try to withdraw money it says my password or name is not recognised. I changed my password, yes. I just want my money back, but I will. These guys can handle the rest. Do not reuse this page.

They didn’t respond to my dispute for 10 days and paid after closing my account.

It’s not a level playing field. If you keep winning, they will ban you or limit your stake. They only want losers and are interested in their ads.

I won a 17 foot race with $1 for a net profit of $2376, they robbed me of that money and said the state of Ohio didn’t get it with no explanation or detail, they told me to call the Attorney General. today I can’t contact anyone or explain where my money went. I have sent numerous voicemails to Rossman & Co, the collection agency that is supposed to hold my money, it’s been 5 days and counting and I still haven’t heard anything. I called bet365 to tell them my situation and in the end they said there was nothing they could do and they didn’t have to tell me what the money was spent on, I put more money into my bet365 account. new bets, they took that money out of my account and said I still owe the government, I called again and was told it was because of benefits, I don’t have any children! I tried to contact them but there was no response because my account was blocked, to this day I wonder where all my money went and I have not received a response. Don’t trust BET365, they must be scammers with Rossman & Co.

Just Made An Account

I opened an account at They put some money and locked it. He sent them all the documents he wanted to check. They were rejected, even those places were accepted elsewhere.

Now 365bet customer service is telling me that I need to contact them via live chat to get my deposit back. Everyone knows that this is not possible, because you have to log in to chat. I have asked several times by email how to do this, but there is no “surprising” answer, how to do it.

1 star is the only 1 I have to leave, this gas artist is taking your money even though he knows horse gas is retired.

Bet365 Interview Questions

You placed a small bet on a horse race to watch… the video didn’t work. They contacted the interview service… even though it was the first time I complained, they thought they didn’t believe me because I couldn’t provide evidence.

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I decided to close my account. I can’t stand companies that don’t care about satisfying their customers, even if it costs them very little.

Yeah, that was a bit interesting… They clearly posted a quarter to 4th place.

When we lost to Portugal I thought well at least I won £100… nope… they changed my bet to a 50% payout to get to the final.

At first you have to learn how to deal with the very friendly dresser but once inside you will see a different face… if you want to play any games stay away from this.. .don’t enjoy arguing…I’m a real player and know what I’m talking about…I couldn’t cash out before I lost…I’m talking to the service suit, they were good at the beginning but after they acted really bad. .I ask most gamblers to lose but they don’t…and don’t treat customers like this.

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They took more than 5 days to process my first release, I contacted their support team and they disconnected my Chat session without answering my question. They were also contacted by phone, but they said, “They are currently reviewing your publication. I don’t know how long it will take, but it will be done as soon as possible. “

Now I recommend the first bad site. If you leave it there, it will be their property from now on. Therefore, they will not process any communication with you.

Fully legal sports betting provider. It’s not my favorite and I personally prefer MyBet and Bwin, but I’ve never had a problem with Bet365. The interface looks a bit cluttered and confusing. So I don’t use it very often.

Bet365 Interview Questions

I would like to share my personal experience with sports betting, namely the effect of a bookmaker on your winnings. Details:

Stay Dedicated To Whatever You Want To Do. Don’t Get Distracted’. Ada

Win only 2 games and bet on 3 games at Premier Darts. Anderson – Van Gerwen showed me that I could cash out £200, but then I couldn’t cash out another 4 until I was allowed £24! After calling customer service, I was told it was the nature of the cash, although they acknowledged that I was printing cash all the time and that there was an unusually large variance in the discrepancies. Don’t make a bloody bid because it’s a scam! If I had known more, I could have made money before that game! Don’t be fooled by junk money that doesn’t exist!

I have been a bet365 customer for 5 years but there is always something “wrong”. When it comes to sports betting, they put several restrictions on you. Affiliate program is bad, if you don’t follow the high rules, you won’t get your earnings back.

Thanks for scaring me. I’ll write about it and let people know it’s not the real deal. Your system can make a bet at the last second, but when there is a chance of a random win, it closes the door on the cash! Dance with me! This is utter nonsense and an expensive joke your system has played on me. Your jargon covers nothing more than your integrity as an organization.

Bet365 takes a high percentage commission without any warning. I lost $64 out of $375. They don’t care about my problem. I have a bank account, the sender pays. 71A: Charge details

Bet365 Success Stories

They froze my money and account. After completing each verification step, a notarized passport photo and a passport photo will be sent through the postal service. I was told to call. So I call them and they send the pvc code. It took 28 days, but I waited over 90 days and they shipped twice. Nothing was received. They charge $1500 how can I do that

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