Blackjack Punjabi Bagh

Blackjack Punjabi Bagh – BLACK JACK: Some of the most surprising food items I’m seeing these days, they seem to come out of the ordinary and surprise me. After reading about ‘BlackJack’ on social media, I decided to give it a try.

When I saw the place next to Wafflesome, I felt a little disappointed because social media sounded like a scam. Like most of the shops in this street, this is a bad place, easy to miss, if you don’t know exactly what to do. The posters aren’t so bright or shiny that they don’t appeal to you. When I entered the market, I became more and more frustrated like a child who has been refused ice cream.

Blackjack Punjabi Bagh

Blackjack Punjabi Bagh

The arrangement of tables and chairs, in fact, nothing comes out of the box, if there is enough space to change the furniture except for the wall. The market cannot accommodate more than 25 people at a time. For this reason, you will find your table and chair, rather small and not very comfortable but possible anyway!

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However, when I started looking around, it started to interest me one by one. First, I was excited to see the food served to local customers. Trust me, I loved the food right away. Second, the environment was very impressive and welcoming. The floor is a combination of tile and artificial grass, something that really appeals to me. The interior, though dark, is marked with zesty food and menus and unusual lighting. It took me less than three minutes to start liking the place, a lot!

So, seeing a lot of food and shaking, all I could think about was ordering my food. I ordered:

1. Strawberry mojito: Considered one of the local specialties, I was really happy and visibly smiling when I saw the drink, which was served to me in a regular mason jar, but with a bottom and a top. pumpkin. My friend and I had a good laugh about the display of the drink but we got the idea behind it when I started to lift the flask up and it surprised me with a lot of sores on my neck as it filled the contents of the carton. The extreme writing, the flask and the idea behind the show had my interest, from the beginning. some flavor, that’s good.

2. Iced Tea: Again served in a mason jar, the taste of this tea is soothing and calming.

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3. Swords: Good! What can I say about this dish! I have never, ever wanted to eat so much cheese and mayonnaise in one dish, until now! Made in a glass container, filled with typical French fries, just, well seasoned with lots of spices, it sent my taste buds on a quick trip of flavors, and then, topped with a mixture of cheese and dip. With each bite, I know exactly how many calories I’m eating but in the long run, it doesn’t matter at all. Yes, this dish is worth tasting once.

4. Salad: Nothing too big here but yes, I liked how this salad was combined with croutons and cherry tomatoes, instead of the usual tomatoes, potatoes and onions. This is a simple but modern salad that beats the average salad you might try elsewhere.

5. Pasta: the show is completely over me again. Not only the taste, the crunch and passion, I was surprised how it managed to change my perception of sous macaroni white pasta, I always thought it would be filled with more cheese and mayonnaise. Once again, this dish was able to win and win my taste even with few vegetables and spices.

Blackjack Punjabi Bagh

6. Jim Carrey Sandwich: Sorry there are no pictures here as my friend we were so hungry just to get a sandwich we didn’t stop to click a pic. I have no words to describe how delicious this sandwich is. It’s so good that I’m willing to give up all my cheat days for two months to have this, at least once in those two months. Loaded with cheese, sauce and veggies, it’s perfectly filling and offers a guilt-free flavor that I can’t get over!

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I have it all at the outlet, until it’s full! I’m so glad this outing went as well as it did. We look forward to visiting this site for a variety of reasons.

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