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Cash Game – Winning poker players are constantly improving. This is good, but many people get lost along the way. With “winning strategy tips” falling all over the place and highlighting high-stakes pro rollers on YouTube pulling mega-bluffs and folding second nuts, you could be forgiven for falling into the fancy game syndrome trap, but Now is the time to get back to the basics.

In this article, we take a look at how simple it is to play a hard hitting style and how it works.

Cash Game

Cash Game

A hard aggressive style works because it gives you an almost immediate advantage over your opponents – you will generally be playing stronger hands than they are. This means you will also make strong hands after the flop. You will have more value bets and fewer scams.

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There is no secret to a narrow attacking style. You want to be more selective in your starting hands and play them aggressively. This means you should enter pots by raising instead of calling, and bet instead of checking.

It also means that you will (hopefully) build a pot with a strong hand. You should enter the pot with a 3x standard raise and add the big blind for each lamper. So if you are playing $0.50/$1 your initial raise should be $3 and if someone is interested before you raise it to $4. Everyone has an opinion on raising the opening, but if you stick to raising the standard, you won’t chase weak players and you won’t let players come in cheap.

If you want to know how important position is, just listen to Doyle Bronson who said, “If I could play every hand on the button, I would beat every blind.” Poker is a game of incomplete information – the more you can decide the better. This is why the button is the best position in poker. With the exception of the blinds, you will act last pre-flop and act after everyone else on every street.

Playing out of position makes everything more difficult – unless you hit the devil’s hand, you’ll always be second-guessing your opponents. Get a hand like 5x6x suited. If you show it on the button and there are a few callers ahead of you, you can make a high-risk call by waving a big hand. It’s almost impossible to play the same hand in first position when you don’t know when a player will raise your back. Even if you see the flop, you should play every street out of position. Playing nine hands, position breaks down as follows:

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The goal of playing the ABC style of poker is to minimize difficult decisions. So in the first case it’s simple – it’s all about strong hands. Discard anything weaker than the AxJx suit and any pair worse than 8x8x. If you’re tempted to enter with a weak hand, say KxJx suit, ask yourself what you would do if you got three bets. Keep things simple and you won’t have any problems.

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In middle position you can open up your range and play more hands. You will have information from players who are ahead of you and only have two or three positions that concern you. If someone raises from first position, you have to think about what hands they open with. If he opens with an upper limit (AxJx suitable + and 8x8x+) you need a narrow range to avoid being dogged against him. If someone from first position just calls, you can get wet with hands that play well in versatile pots such as pairs and suitable connectors.

Cash Game

When you are in late position, you can play a much wider range of hands, because you will have a significant advantage over your opponents for the rest of the hand. You can open all pairs, matching AxXx, hands like Kx10x and suitable jacks.

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You’ll note that we still limit the amount of hands we play – you want to get into the pots with a strong hand. Stealing the blinds is still important – obviously not as much as in tournaments – but you shouldn’t try to steal with two cards. If the blinds are defended, you will make things difficult for yourself after the flop.

Playing from the blinds is difficult. People are willing to defend their blinds with extended hands, because they already have money in the pot and don’t want to lose it. A more extensive defense means you will lose even more money.

However, you should consider the cost of entering the package and use your common sense – defend when it’s cheap and your price is right. You can defend more hands in the big blind than in the small blind.

In the good old days an ABC strategy was all you needed. The games may be tough these days, but ABC’s solid strategy is still great for winning at low stakes. In general, live games are weak, so the ABC strategy has an even better chance of success.

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The ABC strategy is very useful to choose if you are sitting with players you know nothing about. This will allow you to create data without any risks.

The biggest problem is that it is predictable and easy to use. If you sit with good players or sit at the same table for a long time, it won’t take long for your opponents to figure out how you play. If this happens, you can balance your game by adding bluff raises with weak hands and raising from early position with small pairs and matching links. This will give you less trouble than raising hands like the Kx10x suit, which can be overwhelmingly dominant. If you flop big with a suitable connector, you likely have a better hand.

You can also add information you have about other players to your game. If you know that the players to your left are playing too hard, you can open up your range in the middle position. If you know they are very aggressive then you should stop messing around and try to get into cheap bags.

Cash Game

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Cash Game

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