Casino Theme Tambola Tickets

Casino Theme Tambola Tickets – Tambola Housie, Bingo, kububa, lotto is a game of chance usually based on numbers, where players have to remove the numbers on their cards which are called randomly by the caller. The numbers are from 1 to 90 with 15 numbers on each card in a 9×3 grid. Kukuba is an object-based card game where the host shows a number, name, picture, gives advice or asks a question and the players have to identify them and hit their cards. It is similar in concept to other popular games like Tambola Housie and Bingo but differs from them in the form of grid size, total numbers, names, pictures, question answers, designers, theme based etc. differs from them. There are many versions of kububa such as classic kububa, joker kububa, double kububa, double kububa, pingu, tagyab, kububa crossword, kububa word search etc.

Generally, 8 to 9 days before your event, you should order Casino themed items. It depends on the availability of the item and your location.

Casino Theme Tambola Tickets

Casino Theme Tambola Tickets

The price of a Casino theme design/artwork depends on the size and quantity of the specific design. The shipping amount is additional and depends on the weight and location of the shipment.

Valentines Day Love Tambola Tickets

Depending on the audience/guest list, you should order the quantity/parts of the Casino themed item. Casino tambola house tickets/cards are ordered as pieces, shoes are ordered as single units. For card games, some are arranged as pieces where each player/guest is given a piece and some card games only require 1 to 2 pieces.

What kind of paper is used for paper-based items such as reels, card games, shoes, cards in the case of Casino?

It is usually thick paper/card for casino themed paper based items, these are mostly printed in color based on the design. Some classic tickets use thin paper with black printing on white/colored paper.

How to order Casino themed items? How to deliver the ordered items? Is there an express service option?

Theme Tambola Tickets Set At Rs 449/set

Casino themed items can be ordered on whatsapp. Share design image with number and city. We ship items by courier in most cases. Express courier service is only available for some cities. There are additional charges for expedited shipping.

Other similar themes for Casino theme can be Ball, Bowling, Casino, Chess, Cricket, Soccer, Karate, Olympics, Skateboard, Sports.

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Casino Theme Tambola Tickets