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Gareth Baccarat – On Wednesday, June 1, the OKay store in Fleurus will reopen its doors after a month of extensive renovation. The 600 m² supermarket adopts the style of the new generation of stores and, in particular, redesigns energy consumption, furniture, as well as refrigerators and a state-of-the-art bakery corner. Store Manager Stephanie Guillaume and her team of 9 employees happily invite local residents to discover their renovated local grocery store.

Thanks to a modern and fresh layout, the OKay store in Fleurus offers the best service to its customers. The supermarket will focus even more on the offer of fresh products that are among the brand’s strengths: fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meats, sausages, fish and prepared meals. Estefania explains:

Colruyt Baccarat

Colruyt Baccarat

“At the Freshmart, the wide aisles make the experience especially pleasant. A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are well presented every day. Next to the Freshmart we have a cabinet where we offer a variety of snacks based on meat, fish and Vegetables for a delicious appetizer with friends or family.”

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At OKay in Fleurus, fresh bread is delivered daily and the staff bake quality cakes and rolls several times a day. All these specialties are very well presented in the bakery corner which is characterized by its practical appearance. Stephanie: “

Our baking corner is very ergonomic and very easy to use, both for customers and our employees.

» In the frozen section there are freezers with glass lids. This way our customers will be able to find their favorite products quickly and easily.

Located at 500 Chaussée de Charleroi, an important access road, the store is easily accessible by car. It currently has 45 parking spaces.

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“However, our customers can leave their cars and go shopping by bicycle if they wish. They can now park their bicycles in the parking lot provided for this purpose.”

Like other Colruyt Group brands, OKay places great importance on the sustainable aspects of its buildings, with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

“At the Fleurus store we no longer consume fossil fuels, such as gas or diesel,”

Colruyt Baccarat

“They recover waste heat from cooling, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from heating by 90%. Plus, our LED lighting uses 30% less energy and our refrigeration system runs on propane, a natural refrigerant that’s better for the environment than chemical alternatives. This allows a 90% reduction in CO emissions

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In addition, the facade of the store was treated with paint that breaks down harmful substances in the air. Thanks to the action of sunlight, this paint transforms nitrogen oxides, ozone and organic pollutants into nitrates and oxygen. Under the influence of rain, nitrates dissolve and wash away. Therefore, air quality is improved.

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