Crazy Time

Crazy Time – Evolution Gaming is known for its high quality live table games and it decided to keep the party going with more exciting games.

In its latest game, Evolution Gaming has created the craziest game for your screen.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time

Get ready for crazy times. As the name suggests, this is the craziest time you’ll ever have playing at a Bitcoin casino!

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Multipliers make dreams come true and multiply crazy times Every spin of the wheel gets a multiplier.

As the wheel spins, another reel spins to choose which number gets the multiplier and multiplier amount in the bonus round.

If the multiplier is for a type with a bonus, all bonuses of that type will start with the multiplier applied.

If you’ve ever played Monopoly from Evolution Gaming, you’ll know the gist of the game right away.

Casino Score Crazy Time

Each spin of the wheel has a chance to land on a number, whether it’s a 1, 2, 5 or 10. Then you can bet on the four bonus modes and if it hits, you can play the bonus round.

First, there is the coin flip. It’s very simple to apply a multiplier to each color and apply it to your item, whatever it is.

Then we come to Pachinko. Pachinko is a fun bonus round that sees a live dealer drop a puck onto a board full of spikes.

Crazy Time

The puck bounces around and moves from side to side, landing on top of another multiplier.

Crazy Time Live Casino Philippines

Then we have a cash hunt. Cash Hunt shows you a whole panel of multipliers, which then turn into different symbols.

You are given a ball and can shoot it at any symbol, regardless of what multiplier is behind the symbol.

Finally, we come to Crazy Time. Mad Time takes you to another room filled with almost everything under the sun.

There are penguins, flying trains, blimps, flamingos, hats and more. On the back there is a large wheel that can be turned.

Crazy Time играть

You have a choice between three wings and the one you choose determines your outcome. Spin the wheel and you can get big multipliers and doubles here.

All in all, these bonus rounds can lead to some crazy big wins if you’re lucky enough to hit the multipliers in the base game.

Crazy Time is slowly rolling out to different Bitcoin casinos and now it seems to be available in all Bitcoin casinos that have Evolution Gaming games.

Crazy Time

There are multiple streams, so you won’t have any trouble hooking people up or spamming the live chat section.

Crazy Time By Evolution

Depending on where you play Crazy Time, you will have different table limits as they are set by the casino.

Crazy Time does exactly what it says on paper, making it the craziest live casino game we’ve ever seen.

It has to be seen to be believed, so visit your favorite Bitcoin casino and start playing Crazy Time – you’ll love it! Released in 2020 by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time joins the growing number of game show style casino games available in the UK today. By using the prize wheel, players can win prizes while having a lot of fun.

Available on desktop and mobile, Crazy Time is broadcast in a state-of-the-art studio featuring a real-life host. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional casino games, Crazy Time might be for you. On this page we describe how the game works, including its bonus rounds and winning strategies.

Play Crazy Time Online

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Crazy Time Live is a unique casino game available through many live casino sites. Another game from Evolution based on Dream Catcher, Crazy Time is highly interactive. Crazy Time Wheel consists of several numbers, 1, 2, 5 and 10, with four bonus rounds. This game show is fun to play, bonus games and multipliers add to its appeal. The wheel sits inside a colorful and modern studio. At the top of the money wheel is a “top slot” where players bet on the available numbers.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time has one base game and four possible bonus games. At the beginning of each game, the top slot is cut along with the main money wheel. The multiplier for the bet is generated randomly, it is a number or a bonus game. If the multiplier and the bet position match, the multiplier is added. This increases the bet or multiplier in the bonus game. It depends on the main wheel stop. All players can see the bonus game. However, only one player can participate and win the prize.

Como Jogar Crazy Time

When you play Crazy Time, there are many bets. You must bet on 1, 2, 5 or 10 numbers and/or one of the four bonus games. An additional decision must be made as part of the two available bonus games.

Bets on number 1 have a 39% chance of winning, which comes with a bet x50 payout. Meanwhile, a bet on segment 2 comes with a 29% chance of winning, 14 positions on the wheel. It offers a maximum payout of x100.

A bet on the 5-number segment comes with a potential payout of x250, with a 13% chance of winning. 10 numbers in number segments pay out the best at x500. This is due to the fact that there are only four on the wheel. Meanwhile, the highest possible payout starts with the Crazy Time bonus at x100,000!

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When triggered, this bonus game is set inside a bright red door. In this virtual world, there is a huge virtual money wheel where players have to choose their preferred wings, be it blue, green or yellow. At this point, the game show host spins the wheel by pressing a red button. When the wheel stops, you win the multiplier shown. If the flip lands on a “two” or “three”, the multipliers are doubled or tripled before the wheel spins again. The maximum multiplier is 20,000x.

Here, just one coin flip determines which multiplier you win. The coin has blue and red sides. Two multipliers are randomly generated, one applied to the red side and one applied to the blue side.

Crazy Time

This bonus game takes place in the shooting gallery where 108 multipliers are involved. The multipliers displayed on the big screen are hidden by the symbols before they are mixed. When the timer runs out, the balls will shoot and the winning multiplier will be determined. All players choose their target, each wins a different multiplier!

Crazy Time Brasil

Along with the final bonus game, there is a giant “pachinko” wall. Here the host has a large number of stakes, with a pack drop. The winning multiplier is determined by where the puck lands. If the puck lands on an “even”, all multipliers under the wall are doubled. This process is repeated until the multiplier is won, then eliminated again. This helps the multiplier reach up to x10,000.

When you play Crazy Time, you win when you bet on the number that the money wheel lands on. Crazy Time’s simplicity is a big selling point for players. Designed for both new and high rollers, we will explain in more detail later.

Unfortunately, there is no winning formula when playing Crazy Time. However, there are systems you can consider to maximize your chances of success. First, if you are looking for a relatively risk-free strategy, you should bet on numbers 1 and 2. Every time they participate in the wheel, you win ⅔ of the time. For high rollers, it is important to bet on bonus games. Although the chances of winning are lower, the payouts are significantly higher.

The maximum payout through Crazy Time is x100,000 of your bet. It is achieved through this

Crazy Time Live Casino Game Strategy

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