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Dragon Tiger Speed Hack – If you’ve paid attention to Chinese New Year in the past, you probably know what firecrackers, dumplings, red envelopes and the ubiquitous red decorations are. Additionally, lion dances, dragon dances and parades also take place in Chinese cities around the world when Chinese New Year arrives. However, apart from all these things, many people are interested in another thing: the Chinese zodiac.

When it comes to the origins of the Year of the Tiger, there are many stories and explanations, but the most popular ones go something like this:

Dragon Tiger Speed Hack

Dragon Tiger Speed Hack

Originally, there was no tiger among the 12 zodiac signs, and in its place was the lion. As a result, the lion was wild and ferocious 玉皇大帝 (yù huáng dà dì)

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The “Jade Emperor” wanted to replace him with a tiger. At that time, there was great unrest among the creatures of Earth, which threatened humans. For this reason, the Jade Emperor sent a tiger to the Earth Kingdom to control the unrest, promising him that he would be rewarded for every victory he achieved. When the tiger came to the earthly kingdom, he discovered that the lion, the bear and the horse were the three strongest of animals. So he decided to tame them and quell the riots.

Many people use the Internet to check the years of the tiger, but many people do not realize that to determine which years are the year of the tiger or any zodiac sign, a simple calculation is enough. mass. However, before we move on to how to calculate it, we must first explain that the 12 zodiac signs are related to the lunar calendar. For example, if someone was born on January 31, 2022, they would not actually be born in the year of the Tiger. They would rather be born in the year of the Ox. This is because February 1, 2022 in the solar calendar corresponds to the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar 2022. Only on this day did we officially enter the year of the tiger.

“beginning of spring” as the first day of the new year. As a result, we now have the name 春力 (chūn jié)

“Spring vacation” for this time of year. It was not until 1912 that the government of 孙中山 (sūn zhōng shān)

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“New Year” (i.e. today’s Western New Year) and we set it on the first day of the first month of the solar calendar (January). At the same time, he designated the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar as 春节 (chūn jié)

The arrival of spring is always accompanied by a joyful atmosphere. For this reason, many people believe that the most accurate way to calculate the zodiac is based on the date 立春 (lì chūn).

However, culture is usually conventional resulting from common practice, so it is calculated based on the date 春春 (chūn jié)

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Speaking of calculating, the way to do it is quite simple – just take the year, subtract 6, and then divide by 12; if the result is an integer, you will be sure that it is the year of the tiger. Take the year 2022 for example – we first subtract 6 to get 2016, which we then divide by 12 to get 168, which is an integer and tells us that this year is the year of the tiger. If you want to know other years, simply adjust the calculations according to the zodiac order. For example, the Ox occupies the fifth place in the zodiac cycle, so when calculating, we first subtract 5 and then divide by twelve. Once again, if the answer is an integer, we know it is the year of the Ox.

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One of the more interesting parts of the Chinese zodiac is similar to that of the Western system of astrology, namely personality traits; and everyone hopes to understand what kind of personality their own zodiac/astrological sign represents. In one of our previous video series titled Make desserts and learn the Chinese zodiac, the main personality traits of each sign are briefly discussed.

The personality traits associated with each zodiac sign are largely derived from the impressions that humans make of the animals themselves. For example, tigers are considered brave, powerful, dangerous, have good survival instincts and are often called “kings of animals”. People born in the year of the Tiger are naturally described as people who value personal loyalty, impressive or admirable, brave, etc. However, this may be precisely because people born in the year of the Tiger are more than happy to be associated with these qualities and thus they develop a similar personality.

In fact, it may be a natural psychological response, using the positive aspects of something to subtly change a person’s way of thinking, thereby influencing their personality. Therefore, understanding the personality of people born in the Year of the Tiger can actually help bring out these particular personality traits. So what positive qualities are associated with people born in the year of the Tiger? They can be summarized as follows:

Although each of the zodiac signs has positive characteristics, they also naturally embody some negative traits and flaws. For those born in the year of the Tiger, some areas for improvement are summarized as follows:

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Of course, these personality descriptions are only generalizations; and in fact, in Chinese culture, the formation of an individual’s personality depends on many variables, such as the time of day he was born, which elemental feature dominates in a given year, and even what name he was given.

Of particular note is the fact that 2022 is the year of the water tiger, which appears only every 60 years. The water tiger is quite a complicated concept, but if you already know the Chinese five elements, it will be easier to understand. Each of the five elements corresponds to two 天干 (tiān gān)

“heavenly tribes” is an ordering system used to designate first, second, third, etc. Today, the Chinese still use this ordering system as before, but only for smaller numbers and usually only to designate persons (e.g. in written dialogue). For example: 甲 (jiǎ)

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“terrestrial branches”, which are defined by the 12 sections of sky that Jupiter passes through during its 12-year orbit around the Sun. These 12 sections in order from first to last:

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In addition, these 12 branches are used in the names of each zodiac sign: 子鼠 (zǐ shǔ),

Etc. Thus, a combination of heavenly stems and earthly branches is used to measure the passage of years, each cycle lasting 60 years. This means that the year 2022 is 壬寅虎 (rén yín hǔ), and since 壬 (rén) is associated with water, this year is called the year of the water tiger.

Check out our previous blog post “Be Water My Friend” – even if you are learning Chinese! , to learn how to apply Bruce Lee’s teachings on water to become a better Chinese learner!

In ancient China, the tiger symbolized boldness, courage and dignity and was considered the king of all animals. For this reason, the tiger also symbolized strength and honor. This is probably because the markings on the tiger’s head resemble the character 王 (wáng)

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“king”, which is why ancient monarchs had special sympathy for the tiger. In ancient China, when the emperor sent his armed forces into battle, the symbol of their imperial power was the tiger, symbolizing ferocity on the battlefield and the ability to constantly win. As a result, the symbol of imperial power was also called the “sign of the tiger”.

Because the tiger symbolized courage and bravery, the ancient Chinese also used it to describe officers and soldiers who were fierce warriors and had great abilities on the battlefield. During the Three Kingdoms period, there was 五虎上将 (wǔ hǔ shàng jiàng)

“Liu Bei’s five great generals” – numbers that most Chinese know to this day.

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Who was later considered a role model for all officials due to his honesty and freedom from corruption. Many works of art feature three cleavers 包成 (bāo zhěng)

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In addition to symbolizing boldness, rage, dignity and power, tigers also have a cute side. Boys from a Chinese factory who will grow up to be stout and honest people like 虎头虎脑 (hǔ tóu hǔ nǎo)

“strong and kind”, literally “tiger’s head, tiger essence”. However, over time, the use of this descriptor gradually declined and was largely replaced by words such as 早李 (cōng ming)

“careless half-assed work” is also explained in our video Make Desserts and Learn the Chinese Zodiac (Episode 3):

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