Duffer Bade

Duffer Bade – I wish I had been interested in butterflies and insects in my early birding years. I would have seen hundreds of rare and beautiful butterflies on my trip from Irian Jaya to Masai Mara in the 90s. As they say, better late than never. I am glad that I now stop and photograph these colorful butterflies and insects when I go birding.

Ob Khan Nature Park south of Doi Suthep. A lesser known park but a great spot for butterfly and bird watching.

Duffer Bade

Duffer Bade

A feature of the park is the rocky canyon that runs down the ridge of the park. This land is sloped by mixed and evergreen forests on both sides of the gorge.

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During a few days in March 2023, during a birding trip to Chiang Mai and Doi Inthanon, led by Boontam Inthanon Birder, I collected a large number of unusual butterflies and moths, many of which were new to me. Ob Khan Nature Park, west of the city, is surprisingly good for butterflies. Many thanks for the expert help with IDs at iNaturalist.

The Chocolate Soldier, Junonia efita, looks like our Chocolate Pansy at Ob Khan Nature Park. We have knights and barons butterflies in Singapore. Now I meet that humble soldier.

Lady Slipper’s Orchid Garden, dedicated to growing and researching slipper orchids. Another peaceful park worth spending a few hours exploring. Bird life is good. There are good numbers of new Tits and Flycatchers here. You can rent stone tents in the park to experience life like a caveman.

Green Commodore Sumalia Darksa at Doi Inthanon. Spread all over India, how lucky is this guy? Boxed for this open wing shot.

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Rangbon Doi (Mountain Nest) in Doi Inthanon where we stayed. We do most of our birding in the hilly forest behind the chalet

The grass and reed beds along our in-ground ponds are a small ecosystem in themselves. It is full of insect life, especially dragonflies, damselflies, grasshoppers and butterflies. I have visited wetlands around our freshwater habitats, mainly to photograph Odonata.

All I have seen before are the cross scenes of St. Andrews were along the forests and forest paths in our nature reserve. I saw it for the first time crossing the tall grass at the water’s edge. How and why this spider moved from the forest to a completely different place was a mystery to me. Is it possible that insects are lacking or seeing a change in diet?

Duffer Bade

Another female is waiting to catch a dragonfly just meters away. The zigzag web should draw the prey into the web.

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(Marcus Ng), also known as Grass Cross Spider. This orb-weaver spider is found from India to the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

It often hunts dragonflies that hunt and breed in this habitat. Once it flies into its house, the spider quickly restrains the victim by twisting it and covering it with its house. It then injects digestive enzymes to break down the muscles in the victim’s body. The spider sucks up the tissue that has already been eaten and repeats the process. It appears to be fairly common in the community with many sightings along dam walls. Apparently they are common in paddy fields in Malaysia.

We photographed 21 butterfly species in 4 days of flight from 14 to 17 June 2022 at Trus Maadi Conservation Area, Gunung Alab Sub-Station and Mahua Falls, all over the Crocker Range, Sabah. One endemic and two sub-endemic species.

Here are some butterflies that are not found in Singapore or are extinct. Any corrections regarding identification and points would be appreciated.

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The Bornean subspecies of the Orange Gull. Sephora Judith Montana. We saw this about 500 meters along the road and at Mahua Falls.

The Crocker Range was my last flying destination in Sabah for some time. After news of sightings of the elusive Bulwer’s Pheasant in the montane forests of Trus Maadi Forest Reserve, I began serious planning and waited for the border to open.

On the advice of friends, I contacted David Tseu, a long-time nature guide in Kota Kinabalu.

Duffer Bade

A 4-day trip was planned and Wilson Leung and his wife Theresa Ng, first-time birders, went to Kota Kinabalu on 13 June 2022.

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The morning mist was rising from the valley below. Immediately, Wilson and Theresa spend the night at Trus Maadi looking for insects.

Wilson arranged to spend the night at the Holiday Inn Express, where floor-to-ceiling windows overlook forested mountains. Flocks of Blue-throated Bee-eaters and Asian Glossy Starlings are closed. A stay in KK is not complete without seafood. We chose Crab House in Sabah Suria and shared two large crabs and grouper soup for RM 230.

The next morning David met us in his spacious 4WD and headed towards Tambunan after breakfast at the Gunung Alab Motel, a popular resort. The road was winding but luckily there were few cars in the morning.

After enduring a shaky 90-minute trek on gravel logging roads for the last leg of the trek, we arrived early at the Borneo Girl Jungle Camp in the Trus Maadi Game Reserve. Jimmy Chew and his companions have gradually expanded the camp, providing nature lovers with clean, comfortable but basic rooms. The nights are cool as we are at 1,400 meters. What surprised me was the local food. This was the best Hakka/Cantonese cuisine of my entire jungle birding trip. Sweet and Sour Kampong Chicken and Double Boiled Shiitake Mushroom Soup for dinner next.

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The weather forecast was for thunderstorms throughout our stay, but thank God the weather wasn’t bad. It only rained heavily for 2 hours during our entire stay. Best of all, our flight was not interrupted by the usual morning and evening fog.

We shot all the birds on an old logging road near the camp. It was an easy going bird in the cool hilly forest. Most of the species endemic to Mount Kinabalu Park are found here. A playful flock of Brown Fulvettas, part of a wave of small birds, greeted us on the first morning. Charlotte nightingale was running away. It is similar to the recent peninsular lowland buff-vented bulbul. Theresa warned us about the hornbills flying in the valley. It was truly a sight! The camp’s cherry trees and hibiscus trees are frequented by Bornean leafbirds, red-throated barbets, Bornean bulbuls and Temmink’s sunbirds. Being able to photograph such rare birds without much effort is always a pleasure.

There are many pillars on the road not far from the camp. We spent the morning and afternoon in two places. We were very lucky to see and photograph all kinds of animals we came across.

Duffer Bade

Wilson and Theresa near the sprawling area. This is Theresa’s first solo experience. The first bird he saw was a male Bornean Banded Pitta. He was amazed at the beauty and color of this pitta.

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Foremost in this list was the excellent Bulwer’s Pheasant, which had survived many birdwatchers for a long time. On the afternoon of the third day, a lone man appeared. These are probably the first photographs of this pheasant in the wild by any group in Singapore. Next for me was the Bornean Banded Pitta and the Dayak’s Jungle Flycatcher. A bonus was a family flock of 14 Crested Partridges and Teminck’s Babblers. All our lifers.

Temminck’s Babbler looks like Abbott’s Babbler but with rough flanks and a flattened crown. The North Bornean is a species of longstaffi. Nomenclature is found in Java.

Besides the birds, there were many interesting mammals to watch out for. David’s understanding of the forest led us to local red-leafed langurs, whiteheads squirrels and palm-capped civets.

The discovery of the hidden palm civet at night, because of David’s vision. Mostly nocturnal, it has a white face and a black “mask” from eye to nose.

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The ever-changing views of the rolling clouds over the green mountains and valleys are amazing. The sunrises and sunsets were even more spectacular. Unfortunately that night was overcast and we missed seeing the Milky Way.

The day’s activities did not end after dinner. We were unprepared for the hundreds of moths and insects when we went to inspect the four insect screens placed in a row near the camp. None of us have seen so many moths, beetles, cicadas and other strange and wonderful insects in our life. From small to palm-sized,

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