How To Make Palli Patti In Telugu

How To Make Palli Patti In Telugu – Palli patti : We eat palli with jaggery. We also make palli panati by combining palli and jaggery. Both of these things are good for your health. Eating these can provide you with both nutritional and health benefits. Eating this palli panatya reduces the suffering of weakness. The body gets enough energy. Bones become strong. Giving it to children improves their development. We can make these palli panatas very easily. Now let’s learn how to easily make these poliss at home, which are available in over-the-counter stores.

Palli – one and half bowl, grated jaggery – one bowl, ghee – one teaspoon, baking soda – quarter teaspoon.

How To Make Palli Patti In Telugu

How To Make Palli Patti In Telugu

First add glaze to a kadai and fry it on low heat. Then we peel them and cut them into two pieces. Then grate the jaggery in a pan and heat. Stir the jaggery until it dissolves without adding water. After the jaggery melts, add the ghee and mix it. Heat this jaggery till it turns dark brown in color. When the jaggery mixture is added to the water, it should harden. After the jaggery mixture is cooked like this, add baking soda and mix it. If jaggery mixture remains, cook for some more time and add baking soda to it. Then add the chopped honey and mix. Once the jaggery mixture is cooked, switch off the stove.

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Take a plate lined with ghee and spread evenly on top. This mixture should be slightly dry and cut with a knife into the desired shapes. We keep it for three hours and then cut it into pieces. This way they make pallia burgers that are very tasty. Eating one or two of these every day will keep you healthy along with the taste.

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Hello friends, today I am giving you the best peanut chikki recipe. It’s a power pack, just a 2-ingredient recipe. I can assure you all that this is a really healthy peanut chikki recipe. You can eat this homemade peanut butter any time of the day. Chikki pistachio recipe is made with sugar and jaggery. Jaggery jaggery is healthier than jaggery made with sugar. You can get the benefits of jaggery and peanuts.

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Heat a pan with a heavy bottom. Add the peanuts and dry them until golden brown. This can take about 15 to 20 minutes. Just cook it on low heat. Roast the peanuts until their skins come off easily. When they are done, spread them on a plate and let them cool completely. Remove the skin from the peanuts and clean them. Heat the same kadai again and add 2 cups of jaggery. Add some water. Mix well and let the jaggery melt. Once the jaggery is completely melted, let it boil for a minute. Turn off the heat and add the peanuts and mix quickly. Spread some ghee on a plate or cooking platform. Spread this mixture and press it firmly. If you spread the mixture on the cooking platform, we can press it using a rolling pin. Let it cool completely. Cut it into squares or into desired shapes and sizes. Serve the pistachio chikki recipe anytime of the day. Midday is the best time to enjoy Peanut Chikki.

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Hi, I’m Sailja Angara. The soul and heart of this blog. All these recipes are tested over the years. Most of my recipes are made in our daily life, I picked them from my mom and MIL. You can contact me through: , Click Here → Sweet Shop Style Palli Patti : Palli patti is also one of the sweets that are good for your health. Palli patti is very tasty. Many people like to eat it. Eating palli patti can give you good taste and good health. These palli panatyas are also present in sweets. The Palli Panas available in sweets are delicious and easy to eat. We can also make these burgers at home that are sold in most sweets. If you have pale and jaggery, you can make this palki in 15 minutes. Now let’s learn how to make dessert style palli patties at home.

How To Make Palli Patti In Telugu

Palli – one bowl, grated jaggery – one bowl, ghee – one teaspoon, water – 20 ml, cardamom powder – little.

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First fry the palis in a kadai. Then remove the skin from them. Cut these glasses into two pieces and keep aside. Then grate the jaggery in a pan, add water and heat. Cook till the jaggery melts and turns dark brown. Mix jaggery in water and make a paste. When the jaggery darkens, add the fried honey and mix. Then add cardamom powder and ghee and turn off the heat. Then take a butter paper on a plate and spread the ghee on it. Then put the palli mixture on this butter paper and spread it evenly.

After it has cooled for two minutes, cut out the desired shapes and let them cool completely. Then separate the butter from the paper and cut it into pieces. By doing this, a very tasty pallipatti is prepared. Keeping it airtight keeps it fresh for a long time. This way you can make and eat palli patti at home very easily and deliciously. Giving it to children can provide nutrients as well as taste.

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