How To Make Samosa Shape With Samosa Patti

How To Make Samosa Shape With Samosa Patti – You can enjoy low-calorie cheese samosas, which are famous as paneer samosas in India, and cottage cheese samosas called sambou sec in the Middle East. The crunchy texture of these portable triangular mini samosas is so delicious and light that they add a delicious touch to your snacking experience.

If you’re a snack lover, try these ideas at your next party: potato cutlets, keema samosas, potato finger samosas, fried sandwiches, potato pancakes, and chicken pakora. We hope these recipes will be the best time to enjoy snacks with your family and loved ones.

How To Make Samosa Shape With Samosa Patti

How To Make Samosa Shape With Samosa Patti

Samosa is a popular snack in the South Asian region and is one of the most popular street foods in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Many people living in regions of the Middle East and Africa are familiar with sambusa. Samosas can be made with a variety of fillings, but potato samosas are the most famous. After frying, the crispy samosa leaves melt in your mouth. The trend is to make samosas with different fillings by adding variations of spices and herbs. Last time, I shared a recipe for lamb keema samosa that my online family really liked. So today I will make another version of Samosa which will be a perfect idea to make Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Samosa.

Baked Cocktail Samosa

The sautéed cheese with a hint of spice makes it the perfect filling to wrap around a triangular samosa. Mini samosas with a choice of bite-sized samosas and cheese. You know that the combination of cheese and crispy samosa skin creates the perfect mouth-watering taste. Once you eat it, you won’t be able to stop and will eat more and more. They get the perfect crunch after frying and go great with chutneys and sauces. Perfect as a snack or appetizer for the main course.

In this recipe, I prepared a cheese filling with grated cottage cheese, but you can also make it with cheddar, mozzarella, feta, or Parmesan flavors. Each type of cheese filling has a unique flavor, so you can make variations according to your tastes.

Personally, I love making and storing samosas because it makes it easy to make something delicious to have with tea or snacks in the kitchen. Indian finger style samosas are my signature dish and I love making them over and over again and sharing them with family and friends.

Used grated cottage cheese is also called curd. If you want to avoid dairy, check out lactose-free options.

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The main ingredient is freshly made high quality samosa patties, wrapped perfectly. The crunchiness after frying is exquisite and delicious. Alternatively, you can make samosas using rolled sheets or phyllo sheets. Samosapati is easy to find in India and Pakistan, but if you live outdoors, try finding it along with sambosa leaves.

This recipe does not require many spices to prepare the stuffing. Season the cheese with salt, red and black pepper, and add some sautéed onions and green chilies for plenty of flavor.

To fry delicious and crispy samosas, you need high quality oil. I personally use vegetable oil, canola oil, or sunflower oil as they give the best results for frying and are healthier to eat.

How To Make Samosa Shape With Samosa Patti

If you’re craving some street food samosas, try this keema samosa recipe. It gives you the best taste and almost matches the street style samosas. You can make it in bulk and freeze it for later use. This is the perfect snack for your party menu!

Samosa Patti/Sheets

Samosa cheese filling is easy to make. Start by heating the oil in a pan. Add the cumin seeds and green chillies and let them pop for a few seconds, then add the chopped fresh onions and fry until the onions start changing color. Then season with salt, red chili pepper, black pepper and roasted flour (besan). Please mix well! Add grated cottage cheese and fry for a few minutes. Add freshly chopped coriander and mix well. Let it cool and then it is ready for filling.

Mix flour and water in a bowl to make a thick paste. It is used to seal the edges of samosas.

Here is a step by step guide on how to fold a samosa. Check out the video instructions for easy steps. There are simple rules for folding samosas that I follow. Place the filling in the center of the top of the samosa sheet and fold the sheet in a zigzag pattern. Finish by applying flour paste to the last edge of the plastic wrap. Make sure all the edges of the triangular samosa are closed. If there are any holes, use sandpaper to fix them.

Fry the cheese samosas in preheated canola oil over medium heat until golden brown. When taking it out, drain the oil thoroughly and store it on a wire or blotting paper. Do not cover immediately after frying.

Khan Lady: Samosas

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Preheat your air fryer to 200°C or 392°F for 5-10 minutes. Spray samosas and fryer basket with oil. Add the keema samosas to the pan. Be careful not to add too much. Place the samosas according to the size of the fryer. Close the basket and simmer for about 10 minutes. Flip the samosas and cook for 10 minutes until golden brown.

How To Make Samosa Shape With Samosa Patti

A platter of samosas is enough to be served with different flavored chutneys. South Asian people love to eat it with green chutney. If you like, you can sprinkle some chaat masala on the samosas to enhance the flavor. Enjoy with chai or coffee.

Baked Samosa Patti

It is very convenient to save and freeze samosas for later use. I always make a large amount and save it for tea. As it is the most popular snack in every household, keep homemade samosa bags in the freezer and serve them as a snack to your guests and family.

Method 1: To store samosas in bulk, arrange them on a tray or sheet. Place the sheet in the freezer for an hour. Remove frozen samosas and place in a ziplock bag or airtight container. Frozen samosas don’t stick, so you can easily take them out when you want to use them for frying.

Method 2: Another way to store samosas is to sprinkle them with all-purpose flour (maida) in an airtight container. Arrange the first layer of samosas and again dust the samosas with flour to make the second layer. You can repeat the same thing if there are more. Then place it in the freezer for an hour to harden. Remove frozen samosas and mix. This will ensure that the samosas do not get clogged or stick together.

Fried samosas can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 days. Fry for about 30 seconds at medium temperature for a crispy finish.

Easy And Golden Chicken Samosa Recipe

These are bite-sized samosas made with long, thin samosa patties. It is half the width of a regular samosa patty. Some people find it difficult to wrap samosas in foil, but it is very easy and simple. Once you try it, you can easily make a large amount of mini samosas.

In Arab countries, samosas are known as sambosa or sambousak. The recipe is almost the same, but the filling includes Arabic spices and herbs. Samosa leaves are known as Samboos leaves. You can make sambusa using different types of cheese depending on your preference.

If frozen, thaw first. If not, you can spray oil directly on the samosas and frying pan. Preheat the oven to 200℃. Bake for 20 minutes. Layered samosas soaked in meethi (sweet) chutney are a wonderful treat for gourmet lovers. Crispy, bite-sized samosas were completed in no time. I love the thin and crispy outer layer of this patty samosa. This recipe is very easy, just prepare the filling, stuff it into store-bought samosas or patty sheets and fry. It’s not easy; the best part is that you can pack it and freeze it. When you’re craving samosas, just defrost them, fry them, and enjoy them with your afternoon tea. I didn’t use onions and garlic to make this samosa, but if you like the taste of garlic or onions, you can add them when preparing the samosa filling. You can also make this samosa as spicy as you like. You can also add coriander seeds as they are used in the filling of authentic Punjabi samosas.

How To Make Samosa Shape With Samosa Patti