How To Win In Crazy Time

How To Win In Crazy Time – How to play Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming and win big? In this article, find a crazy time strategy that works for you. Check them all out in the free game version, Crazy Time Demo.

Crazy Time is a live game show that shows the wheel divided into 54 segments representing 8 different betting options.

How To Win In Crazy Time

How To Win In Crazy Time

The game offers 4 digital bets, each with different numbers and potential payouts. In addition, there are 4 separate bonus rounds that add to the excitement.

Crazy Time Big Wins

Gameplay is enhanced by the Top Slots element, where two reels are tapped to increase multipliers for numerical bets, or to trigger one of the four available bonus rounds. However, here’s a Crazy Time demo to illustrate them:

Crazy Time does not use normal payment methods. Bonus games offer prizes that vary due to multipliers. Although you often win small prizes, sometimes there is a chance to win big. Below is the Crazy Time payment scheme:

The last four options refer to the special bonus rounds and betting options available in Live Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming. Here is a detailed gameplay of each option:

The puck starts at the top and its finish at the bottom determines the initial bet multiplier.

The Best 3 Crazy Time Strategies To Win Big

You aim for one of 108 characters. Once the timer runs out, the symbol you selected will reveal a multiplier for your total bet.

Both the red and blue sides of the coin receive random multipliers. The dealer flips the coin and the winning side multiplier increases your bet.

It has a unique setting, a giant wheel with 64 segments and 3 indicators. Choose an indicator, spin and discover a huge multiplier for your total bet.

How To Win In Crazy Time

What do you know about Crazy Time Tracker? This is a third-party tool that claims to be able to predict the outcome of Evolution’s Crazy Time casino game. But is it legit or just fake?

Evolution Game Show Crazy Time Drops 14.4 Million Euro Win Via Coin Flip Bonus

Before we dive into the best crazy timing strategy, let’s clear up a few myths. Often referred to as Crazy Time Live Tracker, this tool usually exists in the form of apps, software, or websites.

Basically, they show spin history, latest top multipliers, best slot matching wheel results, biggest wins and even game streaming service.

However, the main attraction is their predictions by Crazy Time for all possible betting options of Evolution Gaming. These predictions are usually presented as percentages or other statistical numbers. But can they be trusted?

The answer is no. If these predictions were correct, wouldn’t they be available on Evolution Gaming’s official site? Why are they only found on third-party sites?

Crazy Time Casino App Review

For Indian players who are still looking for such services, relying on these tools will lead to incorrect analysis. The numbers provided do not refer to Evolution Crazy Time results, history or statistics.

If you really want to increase your chances of winning, you should rely on a well-thought-out Crazy Time strategy. Meanwhile, be aware of the risks associated with Crazy Time Live Tracker:

A specific Live Crazy Time strategy is essential to increase your chances of winning. This is because this real money game is mostly based on luck and is quite different from traditional table games.

How To Win In Crazy Time

In roulette, for example, a “side bet” such as EVEN/ODD or black/red is integrated with the numbers on the wheel.

Max Win Crazy Time

However, Evolution’s Crazy Time has unique “side bet” options that occupy specific sections of the wheel, separate from the in-game number betting options.

As a result, betting on Crazy Time numbers gives a different (lower) chance of winning than placing a side bet in roulette. This makes it important to create a solid crazy time strategy.

So what crazy timing strategy is best? In this section we will discuss various strategies aimed at increasing your chances at Crazy Time with Evolution Gaming.

This strategy primarily targets the numbers segment, which covers 45 of the 54 segments on the wheel. The idea is to play for a long time and make frequent, small wins.

Crazy Time Live Status

Winning with this strategy ensures at least doubling the bet. However, there is always the risk of losing everything.

With so many wheels covered, you will win at least ₹ 8 on segments 1 and 2, and you can earn up to ₹ 22 when you land on segment 10.

This method focuses on the bonus round, which includes 9 of the 54 wheel segments. The goal of the Bonus Hunter is to get as many bonus hits as possible before running out of money.

How To Win In Crazy Time

The real highlight of this crazy time strategy is the multiplier – getting one can multiply your bet 20,000 times.

Holy Heck, Last Bet On A €75 Re Deposit.

Although this strategy can go through your money quickly, in theory you can get a bonus round once every 10 rounds.

The chance of a big win increases if a random upper slot multiplies a pair of reels and stops on one of them.

This method is the most aggressive Crazy Time strategy that uses money faster than betting on a single roulette number.

The Crazy Time method is grow up or leave. Often seen on casino streams, players use it in the background, enabling autoplay for certain game rounds and automatically betting during the “Crazy Time” segment.

How Can You Win In The Crazy Time Game?

With only one segment for the flapper to stop on the entire wheel, the chance of hitting Crazy Time with each spin is only 1.85%.

Each of the three Crazy Time strategies mentioned above has its own risk and potential. Below is a summary of these betting strategies for Evolution’s Crazy Time:

There is no 100% sure result when implementing a crazy timing strategy. Therefore, to increase the result of your bets, it must increase the aspect of others. Here are tips for playing Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming:

How To Win In Crazy Time

At first, place small bets to familiarize yourself with the dynamics of the game and explore without risking significant amounts. Now is a great time to check out each crazy timing strategy.

Crazy Time On

Once you understand the basic rules of Evolution’s Crazy Time casino game, split your bet into different parts and double up on some bonus games.

Recognize that each bet has its own probability of winning. For example, Segment 1 has the highest probability of winning due to consecutive appearances on the wheel, while Crazy Time Bet is the rarest with only one place.

Be aware of bonus round multipliers as they can increase your potential winnings or increase bets in the bonus round.

Live Crazy Time at Evolution Gaming can be achieved through any bonus round or betting option available in the context of a big win.

Big Win Today Crazy Time

As with all casino games, it’s important to set a spending limit to ensure the game is enjoyable and doesn’t exceed your budget.

Each Crazy Time strategy above carries a different risk, which is the first thing to remember before betting real money.

However, the first thing that will improve your betting experience during live casino games is slow betting. The main goal is always to play for a long time, showing the RTP itself.

How To Win In Crazy Time

Meanwhile, each Crazy Time strategy must reflect each player’s betting preference. For some, the low roller may be boring, but once aggressive it’s overkill. Choose yours!

Biggest Win In Crazy Time

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Crazy Time is set in a large, colorful and fun studio with a main money wheel, a top slot above the money wheel and four exciting bonuses – Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

Crazy Time Pachinko Pays Out €13.6 Million

Crazy, all-action gameplay revolves around the main game and four bonuses. The game is simple as you only bet on the numbers (1, 2, 5 or 10) and/or the bonus. In two bonuses you have a decision that makes the game extra exciting – players will no longer win the same prize every time!

In the main game, the top slot spins along with the main money wheel at the start of each game round. The top slot makes one