Musée Baccarat Paris

Baccarat Museum Paris – Water in the solid state: its linear transparency hides countless surprises. Frozen water takes on unexpected and impressive shapes at the hands of expert sculptors.

On the occasion of “Designer’s Days” 2008 (a creative tour around the iconic design locations of Paris), the architectural agency Moéti-Rivière was commissioned in time to create a unique installation dedicated to the Baccarat factory. Over the course of three days, ice boxes were showcased and showcased the most beautiful treasures produced by the prestigious brand.

Baccarat Museum Paris

Baccarat Museum Paris

As the inventor of clear glass, the unique technology patented by Michel Amann was the ideal partner to sculpt the material in a way that allowed the introduction of cavities of different shapes and sizes, each one a Baccarat was designed to surround the jewel.

Baccarat marks 20 years of collaboration with Philippe Starck

Carved ice boxes in exact proportion to pieces in the Baccarat collection are placed on mirrored bases set in the center of the 500 square meter Crystal Room restaurant. Come together to grow all the creations of Ice and the Master Glassmaker.

Ice is a perishable substance, and it is only as pure as it is short-lived. The teams had to master the process of melting the melted ice pillars and replacing them with new frozen pillars every day over a three-day period.

Mote Riviere’s grand idea can only be matched by a genius execution. The collaboration was a perfect example of a successful partnership and demonstrated expertise in all aspects of ice design: the invention of authentically pure ice, the precise sculpting of a demanding material, and the objects on display. Awareness of precious nature.

The perfect mastery of the material and the sculptors’ experience gained over many years made it possible to better understand the limitations imposed by Baccarat Gallery.

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By browsing this website, you accept the deposit of cookies to obtain visit statistics. The Baccarat museum is set in an elegant private hotel, in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, in the old town of Charles and Marie. Laure de Noel. Architect Philippe Starck becomes a real crystal palace.

A balcony with decorative mirrors and two giant chemises, a luminous float in a huge aquarium “Zénith” – a special structure made of inox with 24 lamps equipped with 430 optical fibers, a three-meter high printed candlestick, a huge, mobile chair that materializes was done For the majesty, Philippe Starck’s titles demanded the return of… Rouge Baccarat, a red passion, obtained by adding crystals to a mixture of gold and silver. Upon entering, the visitor is completely captivated.

Marie-Laure Bischofsheim is the young daughter of Laure de Sade, Comtesse de Chevigny, one of the models for Marcel Proust’s Duchesse des Germains. In 1923 she lived with Charles de Noils, the poet Anna de Noils, who admired the Evian region and did not settle in the cemetery of Amphion-les-Bains.

Baccarat Museum Paris

The couple’s 20- to 50-year-old hotel is a welcoming platform for high society embracing today’s artists and intellectuals. Francis Poulenc, Darius Milhaud, Man Ray, Jean Hugo, Luis Buñuel, the Giacometti brothers, Jacques Lacan, Jean Cocteau and many personal figures who return to the salons of inspiration, Marie-Laure de Noailles, who created other small explorers Sealing Francisco Solimena. (1657- 1747) who appeared in 1733, led the Neapolitan lawyers, genetic origin of the Palace of Naples.

All about glass

In the 19th century, Maison Baccarat built a bronze warehouse and workshop on Avenue Paradis in Paris. This museum was established till 2003. To revive this beauty in the Bois Dorment, Baccarat offers Philippe Starck carte blanche. In a true conjurer, the designer has completely redecorated this magnificent building built in 1895 in the neo-Louis XVI style by architect Sanson, associated with a surrealist and connoisseur spirit. Baccarat Crystal Magic is completed on 3,000 square meters in the Baccarat district, a boutique and restaurant as well as a museum exhibition.

Charm, rayonment, passion… Un ascenseur en verre rougeoyant. Two large vases with two mobile sides created by the imaginative designer Philippe Starck. A panel of honor, lit by small, non-descript lamps, makes the seated guests no more than grandees in the main hall. At the bottom of the stairs is a 5 meter eco crystal chair ramp with a balcony decorated with a prestige crystal ball. Candles covered in clear glass and red glass were a real “humble” in the Vosges forest that connected with Lorraine’s beginnings as a manufactured celebrity.

In the ceiling, brilliant crystal sparkles in the form of gently rotating “157 light” fountains, illuminating the rock marches that preserve the first appearance. As with every Baccarat Sparkle and Candle, additional signature windings – an octagonal ruby-crystal case, a fire-click, a sing-along – are present. Philippe Starck recreates its shape and colors to create Darkside AE ​​glasses.

On the other hand, pieces and colors of pastel colors can be found everywhere naturally instead of refinement and elegance in this space.

Baccarat Celebrates Its Crystal Anniversary

Baccarat et l’Orient, la Russie, les Amériques The first space “Folly des Grandeurs” reveals prestigious antiques and candlesticks. Additionally, the “Alchemy” piece was entirely decorated by Gerard Jarost, inspired by the myth of Aethnor, one of humanity’s founding myths. An example of these four elements: water, earth, air and fire, which are essential in the formation of crystals. This piece is an antique from Baccarat’s collection, as is the exceptional crystal red “Ves Simon” destined for the Universal Exhibition of 1867.

In the “Shadow of Transparency” space, a visitor can admire a Moka truck aux amaux polychromes service, a piece from the 1878 exhibition, and other prestigious items. Burmese These chefs, lanterns and luxurious candlesticks, hundreds of extraordinary pieces made in gambling workshops for kings and emperors all over Europe from 1764 to the present, precious objects depicting portraits of kings and queens from all over the world, Japanese Equally as His Majesty the Emperors, the Heads of the United States of America and Arab countries.

In the 1930s, the Maharaja of Gwalior ordered gambling to become extraordinarily glamorous. However, the East Hall is the best in its setting, as the roof of the palace opens from the inside. The Maharaja had received a second glow, and before it went up, he installed an elephant on the new roof, to ensure the firmness…

Baccarat Museum Paris

Candélabre dit du Tsar, chair and steering wheel with crystal rings, 1883, Prince de Galle Edward VIII, Juvisy au Chiffre RF Service, Elysee by Émile Loubet in 1899… Cave acquired glass “Pour le Yacht” Japanese poison A drinking elephant in a vase with a decoration of, Mary Coquin is modeled on Griffey Stark’s luster… All this tells a history of different aspects of the gambling experience: flutes and crushed cups, fragile A sea of ​​champagne that you want. …

Musée De Baccarat

The art of crystal and the art of life alike preserve Noil’s Ball Hall with its nucleus, particles and salts in feathers, two large alchemies, its glitter in diapers, its particles and salts in l’or fin et la toile. painted by Francesco Solimena, pupil of Tiepolo.

Set in the ancient era of Louis XIV’s Marie-Laure de Noel, the Crystal Room is baccarat covered and solid. Large panels cling to the wall with exposed brick. Spectacular mirrors reflect elegantly, and custom-made nave tables invite tastings from an exquisite kitchen prepared by star chef Guy Martin.

Passing through a small parlor entirely pink and black — flat ceiling, black Griffey stark gloss, curtains, a beautiful silver bench — before being shown on the garden terrace, etc., polishing combs, ornate mirrored panels and sconces, All serve as a showcase for illustration.

In the spacious kitchen salon, the important glass decoration for the Art of Living Baccarat is worth the whole price, a three-meter-long crystal-lit table that displays a collection of table art. In the adjacent halls, in the full background of Baccarat creations: decorations, lamps, ornaments, creations… Baccarat glorifies beauty, pleasure, art, perfection, a feast of sensuality in a table that evokes a rare sensation. .

Baccarat Museum France

In 2014, La Maison Baccarat celebrated 250 years between classicism and extravagance, Baccarat rayonne et fascine. Baccarat is the only French industry that represents it on the circuit of various international exhibitions. Monument Mercure Temple Hill – 4.70 m high, 5.25 m diameter, 1960 fine crystal, mole, retail – presented to Paris in 1878, received by King Charles I of Portugal, then entered into a treaty, at least . In 2011, Baccarat revived one of the returned pieces, à la

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