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Rummy Wealth 555 – A few months ago, a dinner party tradition at the Fine house was to play Rummikub on the couch. These games usually start before dinner, continue through dinner, and continue until bedtime.

Why am I writing a post about the board game I play almost every night? Below I share the top reasons why it’s a good idea to play and embrace the same culture as your family.

Rummy Wealth 555

Rummy Wealth 555

Is Rummikub the greatest game of all time? Few can say that it is. But, like traditional board games, it beats many family dinner traditions.

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As children get older, it becomes difficult to find regular activities that keep them close to their parents. But playing board games is a great way to strengthen relationships and provide an uninterrupted opportunity for conversation. Kids who play sports with adults learn important social skills like manners, sportsmanship, and even strategy. These are real birth skills that apply.

Whether it’s a board game, physical activity or work, skills are important. Skills cannot be learned in silence in front of a screen. If you want to know the skill, –

To develop potential, we must participate. This is done through practice. It is acquired through experience.

Skill is important, but after all luck is. Isn’t that true in almost every aspect of life? We can play this game as best we can, but we cannot control the power of luck. A bad roll of the dice, a bad hand of cards, or an opponent’s play can change a player’s plan. All we can do is adapt as best we can to the current situation.

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Our first task in life is to divide and divide things into two categories: external things that we cannot control, but we can control the decisions we make about them. Where do I find the pros and cons? For me, of my own accord. – Epictetus

If you are not familiar with the game Rummikub, here is a simple explanation. Players place tiles in groups of three or four of the same value or consecutive numbers of the same color. The tiles played on the board can be rearranged by any player to suit their needs, as long as they stick to the same group and use the rules. Plans must be changed when another player changes the board.

Watching my son align the tiles on the board is amazing. He often doesn’t hesitate when he masterfully arranges the board in complex steps. It’s well organized and great to watch when you count all the tiles. If he misses something, the whole thing falls apart and the board remains a difficult task to restore. No one wants to take it all back. So the stress is on proper planning and good planning.

Rummy Wealth 555

The mental gymnastics of going through all possible scenarios is useless if you don’t remember it. Short term memory should be banked for long term. In a world where we are conditioned to forget and move on to the next thing (a social media disaster), this game forces you not only to plan and execute, but to remember those plans.

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My wife and son will laugh about it. We like to sing during the game. In turn, they try to distract me and distract me. I did my best to concentrate as he sang loudly. I struggle to filter out the noise. This is true in sports as well as in life. We all have a voice in our lives. We all have things that distract us and prevent us from completing important tasks. This game makes for a great experience in learning how to filter the sounds in our lives. For me, this can only be achieved through education.

This might be my favorite idea. Learning to win starts with learning to lose. Nobody likes to lose. But if you’re going to lose, you better:

Alec, like most people, can’t lose. The simple solution is to stop. The next simple solution is to blame this loss on all the factors that prevented us from winning. Ultimately, all of this leads to bad skills or failure. Like anything else in life, how we play the game and adapt to the unexpected determines our success. We can’t control luck, but we can control our ability. If we learn this lesson, heaven is the limit to what we can achieve in life.

Have you played the game? If not, try it. Let me know how it goes in the comments.

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I cut the edge of the mango with a knife. The larger part falls off, I repeat the movement on the other side. With the help of my clever sister-in-law, Yunis, I cut the criss-cross netting for each piece. Then I open it like a flower and cut it into jagged pieces. The best, fleshiest pieces of mango go on the plate, and I give them to them.

Alec grabs the plate and greedily eats a bite of orange. He likes mangoes. When I look at it, I eat bits of stone and skin. Not much compared to Alec’s part, but enough. That first bite brings back memories of a grateful child who didn’t fully appreciate his mother’s sacrifice.

I always watched my mother give me the best assignment. I watched the mango cut and it gave me what I wanted. He took the rest. I didn’t appreciate it at the time. I only ate mangoes as part of my birthright. He worked long hours to pay the bills, make sure I had clothes to wear, and put food on the table. I lost it too. I could only see things that weren’t there. I was a foolish child who thought only of myself and did not appreciate those who benefited me.

Rummy Wealth 555

I cut the mango by myself. Without hesitation, I give the best part. What I saw forty years ago is what I do today because another person, my mother, gave me the best part. His sacrifice made me who I am today. I watch my son eat a mango, I pray that the mangoes will remind his children of the past. This is what we do. We give the best part to those who follow us to prepare for the future.

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It was a question I could never answer as a child. I didn’t know Sometimes, I guess I don’t know when I grow up. As a child, I was fascinated by everything. Choosing a future was not a consideration. I didn’t think there was a limit to my strength. If it was humanly possible, it was within the realm of possibility for me. There was just one problem. How will I learn? I didn’t grow up with YouTube. It didn’t exist then. Examples? It was there, but I didn’t know how to ask, or even if I was allowed to ask. The possibilities were there in my mind, but unfortunately they lay there.

Yes, I loved getting presents at Christmas. Who doesn’t? But toys only have a very long shelf life. They are quickly forgotten or discarded. Another child has something better that leads to an insatiable desire for more.

Have a Christmas you’ll never forget. It went well and I arrived in my thirties. I think this was my second Christmas with my wife. We moved into a new house in Tallahassee and her parents came for a vacation. I was told to close my eyes when I was in line to pick up the gift. I did, and soon after the key was in my hand, my mind was blown. I closed my eyes, took the key and drove it to the garage. Little did I know when I opened my eyes that my life would change. In the garage was a red, shiny, new toolbox. That Christmas I got all the tools every boy should have. 16 years later, I still use them regularly. Here are the beginnings of some of the possibilities I envisioned when I was young.

I had never worked on a car before I met my father-in-law, Hank. I am

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