Texas Patti

Texas Patti – Texas Patti is a well-known German actress, model and social media personality. Her real name is Bettina Habig. She is mostly known for her acting skills in web series, voice acting and social media presence. She started her career in 2011 and has acted in many films. Here we discover more about her early years, family, contact numbers, social media, net worth, source of income, boyfriend and so on.

She belongs to Germany and was born in 1982 on January 3rd. His birthplace is Munster in Germany. He started his first studies there and later started working in a nearby shop. She started her career at the age of 29 and also surprised her fans with her earlier videos.

Texas Patti

Texas Patti

Even in his career of just a decade, he has received many awards and completed various projects in the industry. He now resides in California, USA. How she became famous in the American entertainment industry. Taylor Greenwood also belongs to Los Angeles, California who is known for her bold and glamorous looks. He is taking social media by storm with his presence.

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He started his career in the AV industry. It was 2011 when she appeared on the screen at the age of 29 with a film studio “Videorama”. After that she worked with many other studios as an actress. She played every role like a diva and thrilled her fans amazingly.

However, he also shared the screen with big names in the industry and gave a new way to the world of entertainment. His initiative in this industry proved to be a major milestone for his successful career. Her achievements in the industry have made her a mark of success. He increased his career very well.

In fact, she is a career-oriented woman, so she prefers never to reveal much about her family or relationships. Her parents and siblings are still revealed by her on social media. While it is confirmed that she is not married and has not revealed her boyfriend. So he remains single.

She is not only beautiful but also the most attractive woman, she has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weight of 60 kg. He has black hair with black eye pigment. With shoes in size 7. Her skin color is also light.

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Overall, he looks adorable with a beautiful smile and a nice nose. She worries about her physical appearance, so she does her physical exercises regularly. In 2012, she received an award for being the hottest and sexiest girl in the industry in such a long career.

Some other social media sensations like Sandeep Maheshwari, Savannah Morris and Rowan Row are gracing the platforms and gathering huge fan following every day.

Patti is a self-made woman who has worked very hard to reach this place in the industry. Her brilliance and hard work have set her name on the highest standards for her. She used many ways to generate income for herself. She is known as a partner expert for various brands and is also a wonderful actress.

Texas Patti

He earned about $7 million. She does modeling and voice acting services to expand her net worth. He also does paid promotions for various companies. Paid videos, PV videos and premium chat generate income for her. Vicky Aisha is also known as an AV actress and generates amazing income from her bold stuff on social media.

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She is always open to new projects, so she is dedicated to her profession. She has a wonderful impact on the industry, so many brands hire her from time to time for brand promotions.

Struggle is a common thing in the life of every successful person. People mostly criticize her for appearing in adult content or posting such content on her social media platforms.

She became famous for her acting skills in the AV series. She is known as an adult content creator.

Now he lives in America and his residence is in Los Angeles, in the city of the state of California.

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